Does Fear Paralyze Us and Keep Us From Moving in Faith?

Fear and 9/11 aftershocks

How did the events of 9/11 change you?  What impact have the events following had on you, your family and/or our nation?

I’ll go first. Although I think we’re very concerned about the treatment of Islamic people and those who might be Islamic, as they may be
behind the events of 9/11 (conspiracy theorists abound of course); I am more concerned that we are afraid not to be tolerant, or even, that we are tolerant because we are afraid. 

My concern comes from this: most Islamic nations are not peaceful.  Historically, volatile nations become that way because they are driven by fear. 
More and more, are we a nation driven by fear?  How can we combat that?  How do you combat it?

Personally, I speak to fear when I feel it coming on. I tell it to go away because fear is an enemy of faith, and I have chosen to live by faith. 
One reason I do this is because of a chiropractor I met who does this
interesting therapy involving words. Words are made of sound vibrations which never disappear. Sometimes she’ll “find” hidden words trapped inside of people, things they thought didn’t affect them that much, but may have shaped their lives. That confirmed to me that these things are spiritual, but very real.

This is my idea behind this column. If you would like to label your faith background when sharing, that’s fine, but it also might be more interesting to guess where you’recoming from. I think right now we are too polarized and crazed when people have chosen to label themselves to have a good discussion.

So, now your turn, what do you think?

Editor's Note: Ministry, Mystery and Meaning is a new column on Chananhon Minooka Patch. It is intended to be a conversation-starter for people to share their feelings about faith or lack of faith.

Dulcinea Hawksworth September 08, 2011 at 02:00 PM
Personally I had the character building experience of almost meeting my maker shortly before 911, so I have made peace with impeding death and destruction. I know where I stand with God and most often have faith that I am right where I am supposed to be - even if I don't always like it. As for fear... "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" ~FDR Great Article T Welcome to the team!
Jacki McHale September 08, 2011 at 02:01 PM
9/11... taught me that the simple line we often spoke prior too of "It can't happen to us" was completly wrong. I was standing by a tv, just finished working out at the gym, and with the tv on mute I didn't understand where the building were. Just thinking and saying "Well it can't be in the states. That doesn't happen here." I was thinking it was the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. (see the movie Entrapment's final heist) I mean when I finally got it. I went home put on the tv and saw that it was in OUR New York... I was confused as to how this could happen. I thought maybe it was an accident... at first... of coarse with the other plane and the two other crashes well it was obvious it was for real. And meant to be what it was. Change in my life? Sure lots of things change, we never went to Ireland for a family wedding that October, just too afraid to leave the states. You are used to doing naked cartwheels through airport security But as for people... I haven't changed. I grew up fascinated by people who were different then me. This almost made me MORE empathetic for the Islamic people who live here in the states. Who TRY to hold onto their heritage with their religion and dressing, but live and work and have family JUST LIKE US. But because of 9/11 so many people HATE and prejudge and profile..out of fear? Sure. But if people started to use their judgement, and their common sense and realize NOT everyone is out to get us. Never forget.
Tim September 08, 2011 at 09:54 PM
If you are going to generalize and say 'most islamic nations are not peaceful' you should really give a list of those countries. You could just as easily go one step further and say that most religious nations of any religion are not peaceful, but I think your ego is going to get in the way of realizing that reality. Here is a nice list of the most violent countries in the world, ranked by intentional homicide rate; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate As you can see, the facts are quite clearly showing that the most violent countries are not only religious, but are almost completely of the Christian religion. The majority of the Islamic countries are in fact at the bottom of the list of violence, and are in fact quite peaceful, yet they are at the top of your list as far as perception of violence and lack of peace. Why is that? Let me know when you plan to write a follow-up article that is about your fears that are based in reality, and not your fears that are based upon your narrow-minded prejudices.
Elena Maria Scully September 08, 2011 at 11:02 PM
My faith in humanity is alot stronger than it has ever been. I've always been a rebellious kid since I can remember, especially to those who abuse their power of authority. I have taught my children to be the same, but to always hear both sides of each story. I don't judge, because its not my place to do that. But instead, I don't associate myself to those who are ignorant. I'm part Lebanese and I can't tell you how sick of it I am to hear "oh so you're part terrorist" No numbnuts, those are the descendants who took refuge in Lebanon after 1947. Add smart aleck to the rebel in me too. I'm not afraid of death because its only a cycle of life. I can also say that I'm not as patriotic as alot of other people who've become that after 9/11, to me thats just too stupid. What has made me more of a person since that day is to help people more than I did in the past. Including the Islamic, because whether people know or want to realize this is, not all Islamics are extremists as well as Middle Easterners. My mothers best friend was the drummer at the night club she worked at. Both he and his wife are from Iraq and left because of Saddam Hussein. Both are the sweetest people you'd ever meet. But, I have also come across middle eastern idiots who call all of us western women "sharmutas" which means "whore. Just like in a court of law, ignorance is NOT an excuse or reason, and that is my belief.


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