Horse Camps for Kids Held At Ellis House

Ellis House
Ellis House
from Ellis House and Equestrian Center

Ellis day camps are not just fun and games, they are educational too! Day camps provide children the opportunity to learn all the basics of horse care including – feeding, grooming, bathing, behavior, and nutrition. Fun and educational activities include hands on horse handling that teach safe responsible care for horses. Pony rides, games and crafts will be provided each day. Availability of camp programs will vary based on interest. Registration is limited to 12 children per camp.

Camp Pricing:

  • Parent – Tot: $35 in Kendall County / $40 out of Kendall County Includes riding
  • 1 day camp: $50 in Kendall County / $55 out of Kendall County Includes riding
  • 3 day camp: $170 in Kendall County / $180 out of Kendall County Includes riding
Pony 1 Day Camp for Parent-Tot

Our Parent-Tot camp for children ages 3-5 is a great way to spend time with your child learning about horses through grooming, crafts, games, and pony rides.

Pony 1 Day Camp

Our one day camp for children ages 6-8 is a great way for younger children to learn about and play with the horses. Children are introduced to grooming, feeding and handling horses through hands on activities.

Games such as pony leading relay races offer a fun way to test their skills. Kids also get a chance to let their artistic side shine through crafts. Children also learn about conservation on a horse themed nature tour.

Pony 3 Day Camp

Our three day camp for children ages 9-13 offers children a thorough introduction into the world of horses. Kids get to experience a variety of activities involved in the daily care and management of horses.

Kids learn about and assist with feeding, grooming, handling, saddling and bridling horses. A variety of topics are covered including horse shoes, health care, horse behavior and feeding. Each day includes horse games, crafts to bring home, and pony rides. Kids also learn about conservation, and how horses affect nature through daily nature hikes.


Children enrolled in camp must wear long pants and sturdy close toed shoes. For safety reasons children wearing sandals, shorts or cloth sneakers will not be able to participate in horse handling activities. Approved helmets will be provided for pony rides and riding activities.

What to Bring to Camp Please send your child to camp with a bagged lunch, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and a jacket or any weather appropriate gear. Though activities can be moved indoors in inclement weather, the indoor arena and stable area are still exposed to the elements.

In horse camp, kids get a chance to hike through the forest; they also learn about the native plants and care of the environment in their craft and game activities.

There are many native mammals, birds and animals at Ellis house and equestrian center. Throughout their day at camp, children will see the daily hunting activities of barn swallows, herons, hawks and other animals.

Staff will point out wildlife to the students during activities and hikes incorporated into the camp. We also explain how the local wildlife's survival is tied to the horses and the environment created by the horses here at Ellis.


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