Joliet's New Chinese Buffet Worth the Trip

BC Osaka has an extensive buffet and some offerings you don't usually find.

The new buffet in Joliet, which took over the space once used by Old Country Buffet, is well worth the visit. BC Osaka has a lot of great offerings and a great deal of good food in a well-organized space. I found myself quite pleased, but wishing they had at least one offering that I had found at similar restaurants.

BC Osaka is the fourth in a chain owned by Peter Zheng. It fills the 2811 Plainfield Road location, across from the Louis Joliet Mall, that had been home to Old Country Buffet until it closed in January.

The one in Joliet is a clean, open space. The buffet tables have things you don't see in every Chinese buffet, including clams that are not fried and a stir fry and sushi bar.

I quite enjoyed everything I tried. However, I found myself wanting a big bowl full of edamame. I had been to a similar buffet in Aurora a couple months ago and near the sushi bar, they had edamame.

Despite the soybean letdown, I was thrilled to find clams that I could eat. I also found the sushi bar extensive enough for me. I am no connoisseur, but I do enjoy sushi and sashimi.

I did not try the stir fry bar. But the ingredients looked quite varied and I would do that first the next time I dine there.

Another thing I was truly impressed by was the ice cream cooler. Although there were no unique flavors like green tea, each of the servings was in an individual cup. It saved that deep breath I always take when using a community scoop in a cooler with butter pecan ice cream, which I am deathly allergic to.

All in all, the buffet is worth a trip. There is a great variety of the standards you will find at a buffet of this sort and there are some nice surprises too.



john salazar February 17, 2013 at 01:14 AM
I somewhat agree. Food wise its pretty good. BUT we went in January and were seated at a booth didn't notice it untill we were almost done but my wife pointed at the light fixture that hangs about 18" above the table which was coated with grime and dead bugs. We just went tonight and I noticed a few things that bothered me. First the table was cleaned right as we got there the woman used just a washrag to clean the table. I'm sorry but using the same dirty washrag that you just used on other tables isn't cleaning the table. They made NO effort to pick up empty or dirty plates as we ate. We were a party of 6 so after 20 minutes we each had 3 or so plates cluttering up the tables. I asked a server for a fork since unlike other buffets that have the knives and forks available with the plates she promptly asked were I was sitting and then told me I had to find the person for my area. This is also the ONLY buffet I have been to where they charge for 2 year olds. Not a big deal it was $2.50 but not something I had seen before. I wasn't thrilled that their pricing is higher on weekends. This stinks since their service goes to ^&*( on weekends. the lines at the grill were outrageous. The previous 2 visits were during the week for lunch and we were very happy I would VERY much avoid going on a weekend or maybe even friday night. (we went on a Saturday at 5pm) I wanted to post a proper review on google or yahoo but could not find the location on either.
dude whatshisname May 12, 2013 at 05:49 AM
I am so glad this Buffet has opened here! They are the best! Food is out of this world. I love that Hibachi Grill! The servers are wonderful! I go here often on lunch and sometimes on the weekends (afternoons or evenings). No complaints!


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