Saw It on eBay: Good Luck Shoe Store Penny

The 1909, part of a token handed out as an advertisement for the Weltin Shoe Co., is being auctioned at a starting price of $14.50.

Can you put a price on a 1909 wheat-leaf penny beyond 1 cent? Yes, if that penny is encased in a bit of Joliet memorabilia.

An eBay seller is auctioning this "good luck" penny for $14.50 because it's surrounded by a silver-plated advertisement for the Weltin Shoe Co., which used to be located at 120 Chicago St.

The company's motto, emblazed on the token's back: "Weltin Shoes Bring Success." On the front there's a horseshoe and a four-leaf clover -- both symbols of good luck -- and the words, "The foundation of a fortune."

The owner offers this description: "35 mm token; 1909 cent is uncirculated; overall piece is very nice."

If you're inclined to put in a bid, the auction ends at 11:55 p.m. Tuesday. Click here for more information.


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