D'Arcy Family a Fixture in Joliet Business

Giving back to the community is among the top priorities for D'Arcy.

In the 1850s, the D'Arcy family traveled from Ireland to Joliet to settle in for a new life. In 1895, a D'Arcy, who was an attorney, served as the city attorney for the city of Joliet. Today, even though Terry D'Arcy's business is not in civil service, he regularly gives back to the community.

"My (parents) were the kind of people who gave back to the community," D'Arcy said.

Today, D'Arcy owns three car dealerships in Joliet - Buick/GMC, Hyundai and VW facilities. He opened his first dealership in Sept. 1991 with an Oldsmobile dealership on Stryker Avenue and Jefferson Street. He started selling cars, though in 1985.

"I was an iron worker when I got out of school and I started selling cars by accident," he said.

D'Arcy had been laid off and was looking for a job. He was friends with the owner of a Dodge dealership in Joliet at the time and that person offered D'Arcy a job.

"I said, 'I don't think I could sell cars,'" D'Arcy said. "I realized, though, that it was a good opportunity for me.

"I don't have a college degree."

Today, more than 20 years after owning his own car dealership, he says the only thing he might have done differently is move to a larger facility more quickly.

"We have to continue to sharpen our saw on how we service (customers)," he said. "We literally ran out of room to service Hyundai and VW under the same roof.

"I was a little slow on reacting to how fast we had to grow."

D'Arcy said it was difficult to gauge a dollar amount that the business gives back to the community. They partner with local non-profits three times during the summer to sponsor a car show. Last year, they partnered with the Joliet Police Department Pipe and Drum Corps and the Joliet Junior College Veterans' Association. Although D'Arcy said there is no one organization that D'Arcy prioritizes donations to, he did say that veterans hold a special place in his heart. One of his sons is an Afghan vet.

A second of his sons works in the car business at the VW dealership. But whether or not he will take over his father's business someday is unknown.

"I don't know if he wants to have that much fun," D'Arcy said.

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