Largest Tanning Salon in Grundy County Offers Quality Tans

Tanning Salon busy season is right now.

Teresa Housman was looking for diversification. 

She had been operating Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders in Morris for nine years. While she enjoyed the restaurant business, she wanted more. She still successfully runs the food establishment, but she wanted to mix things up a bit.

So, six years ago she decided to open a tanning salon. Today, Premier Tan in Minooka is the largest tanning salon in Grundy County.

“We are not a gym offering tanning on site. We are not a hair salon with just one bed,” Housman said. “We are solely a tanning salon. Tanning is our business.”

Premier Tan has nine tanning beds. The time limit for the tanning beds varies between 10 to 20 minute sessions. Housman said she takes a health history of each client and will assist them in making the right decision on which bed, the time limit to tan and how many sessions it will take to achieve the tan the client wants. 

“We have different packages to purchase to make the tanning experience cost effective,” Housman said.

Housman emphasized that the beds are stimulating what takes place outside. The filters on the tanning beds provide protection similar to what the ozone layer does outside in the elements, Housman said. 

“When people are outside in the sun, many say they will be out for a short time. They get distracted and the results are a sunburn,” Housman said. “At the salon we have time limits.”

Prior to entering the tanning bed, Housman recommends her clients apply tanning lotions to their skin. A variety of lotions in many scents are available for purchase at the salon.

For those who are not patient with the tanning process or for those who cannot use a tanning bed because they have a history of health issues or are pregnant, Housman said a spray tan will give immediate results.

The product used for spray tanning is a clear solution and is applied with an airbrush, Housman said. The solution works with the amino acids in the body to create a tan.

“The same color is applied to the clients, but it will be different for each person because of the chemical make-up in their body,” Housman said.

Busy times

High school dances such as prom and homecoming are popular times at the tanning salon, Housman said. February, March and April are busy as well because people want a tan for vacation or get a jump start on their color for the summer, she said.

Surprisingly, the clientele is mixed.

“There are more men than you would think coming in to get tans,” Housman said.


Members can text A483 and put 36000 in the message to receive special discounts throughout the year, Housman said. The first text guarantees a free tan, she said. Other specials, including free lotions, are also promoted throughout the year.

From December 1 through June 1, Sunday tanning sessions are half price, Housman said. She added that Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are half price days from June 1 through December 1.

Clients can also go to the salon’s Web site, or on Facebook to read about the latest specials and additional information about the salon.

Jacki McHale February 20, 2012 at 10:43 PM
I have to agree with Tim. I did fake and bake when I was in my early 20's, and when my mom got Melanoma from tanning, we both quit instantly. Lucky for her they caught it and had it removed. I tried spray tan and was SUPER orange. Sigh, I just wish people could accept their skin color. I'm white. Pale white, and I've learned that I love being this white more then I enjoy cancer. And yes Tim, I don't understand why people smoke any more either.
Vanessa Holloway February 20, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Sam, Pickled Egg- The times I was at the salon; one to get the contact person's name and when I went for a massage and when I talked to the owner on the telephone in a interview, they appeared friendly to me. Perhaps you caught them on a bad day? I don't know. Tim, Jacki- As a reporter, I found this story interesting because it is the largest in the area and they offer various beds, etc. But as just a reader/resident I agree with you both. With all the medical studies, I don't understand how they are in business, but as Tim says "it's like smoking." You know the risks, but people still do it. I made it a point to find out the alternatives, which is the spray tan, to vary up the story and let people know there is options beside the tanning bed. I wouldn't do neither. That's just my decision. I have had basal cells removed and it wouldn't be wise to enter one of those beds, although the owner said I could. Yeah I physically could, but I won't. I'm constantly covered with a hat, a coverup and SPF100 during the summer. I burn instantly. Especially when I'm out on the water in the boat. I know there is controversy on whether anything higher than SPF30 is good, but my dermatologist says 100 is fine. It's the only thing I can put on myself and children and not get burned! I will go back there, but I just can't utilize the tanning beds. I will keep that for others.The masseuse is good and I will return for that. There is cute merchandise sold in the salon. Great for simple gifts.
Pickled Egg February 24, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Thank you, Vanessa. Unfortunately it can't be blamed on a "bad day". I am making that assessment based on a few years of experiences with her.
Pickled Egg February 24, 2012 at 10:43 PM
And in more than one single location/vocation.
JB June 20, 2013 at 11:28 PM
This place is terrible! Beds are filthy! Take a look at the upper bulb cover of the beds and you can see just how filthy it is. Owner is very unfriendly...hours are absolutely terrible. I travel a bit farther but its worth the time and money in gas. Its a shame...there are no other places around here to go but don't waste your money on dirty beds and old bulbs!!


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