Readers' Choice: Staycation Destination

Where do you go in Shorewood when you stay in Shorewood for your vacation.

Gas is expensive. Everything's expensive. So when you're looking to save a little money while still having a good time on vacation, why not just pick a fun place in town?

Have you done that before? Well where did you go on your staycation?

We have some ideas. Here they are:

  • , because what's more fun than learning?
  • , because it's almost like getting to go to Mexico?
  • , for the crowd around you?
  • , even though ?
  • , for a relaxing massage, if you like that kind of thing?

So those are our suggestions. If you like one — or more — of them click the link and leave a rating or review. Got a better idea? Then tell us in the comments.

On Friday we will pore over all the evidence and determine the Readers' Choice for a Shorewood staycation.

So get to the rating and the reviewing, and may the best place win.


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