Associate Judge Says She's Running for Circuit Judge Position

Dinah Lennon Archambeault, of Joliet, has announced she's a candidate for the Will County 2nd subcircuit judicial seat.

Dinah Lennon Archambeault
Dinah Lennon Archambeault

Will County Associate Judge Dinah Lennon Archambeault announced Thursday that she is running for the 2nd subcircuit judgeship, which would make her a circuit judge if successful.

She is the only Republican on the March primary list. The other candidates are all Democrats: Daniel Kennedy, Dawn Underhill, Moira Dunn, David Garcia, James Murphy, Stewart Ferriera and Tina Filipiak.

Here is Archambeault's candidacy announcement:

Judge Dinah Lennon Archambeault has formally announced her candidacy for circuit judge in the second judicial subcircuit, which includes much of Joliet, Shorewood, Rockdale and Plainfield. 

With the help of family and friends, Judge Archambeault filed her nominating petitions with over 2,500 signatures which are five times more than required and more than any other candidate running in the 2nd subcircuit.

Judge Archambeault is an Associate Judge, serving since February 2007 when the circuit judges appointed her to the bench. The circuit judges twice retained Judge Archambeault since her initial appointment. She now seeks the vote of the people for circuit judge in the 2nd judicial subcircuit.

In recognition of the hardships placed on local families due to the lagging economy, Judge Archambeault has developed an innovative program to improve access to justice for litigants without legal counsel.

As she explained, "I saw early on that many litigants represent themselves because they cannot afford private attorneys. I decided to create and implement a program in my courtroom to help streamline the process."  

For the past four years Judge Archambeault has enlisted the assistance of local attorneys who volunteer to provide mediation services for litigants without counsel.

In addition to her judicial duties, Judge Archambeault presents the program “7 Reasons to Leave the Party”, designed to educate local high school students on the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Being involved in the community further enhances her ability to effectively serve as a judge.

Judge Archambeault has a long history of community service. She served as president of the Zonta Club of the Joliet Area and Chair of the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council for Working Women. She has been involved in numerous other community organizations. Judge Archambeault currently serves as a board member and treasurer of the Will County Bar Association and chairs the Will County Extern Program for the 12th Judicial Circuit. Judge Archambeault received the Athena award presented by the Chamber of Commerce in recognition of her commitment to community and excellence in the legal profession and was honored as Zonta Woman of the Year. 

As to her candidacy, Judge Archambeault states, "I am the most experienced and qualified. I practiced law for 18 years. I have judicial experience and training. I have long been active in this community. My leadership roles prepared me to serve as a circuit judge. I am eager to place my experience before the voters."

Judge Archambeault was raised in Joliet. She graduated from Joliet Public Grade Schools, St. Francis Academy and Lewis University. Inspired by her late father, attorney Arthur T. Lennon, she decided to attend law school and graduated with distinction from The John Marshall Law School in 1988.

Judge Archambeault continues to reside in Joliet with her husband, John, of forty years, where they raised three children and now enjoy spending time with their four grandchildren.

Judge Archambeault views the position of circuit judge as a further opportunity to serve the people of Will County in a leadership role as well as in the courtroom.

Judge Archambeault promised, “As a circuit judge I will continue to work hard and hold myself accountable to the people of Will County.”


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