Pink Heals Truck Visits Joliet

Fire Truck and police cars painted pink come to Joliet to raise breast cancer awareness.

On Tuesday evening, the parking lot of was covered in pink as the Pink Heals tour visited. Pink Heals is an organization that brings pink fire trucks and pink police cars on tours around the country.

Sales of t-shirts and other items at the events support the Pink Heals tour and movement.

Joliet native Kelsey Hirmer went to the event to support her aunt who had just finished having a double masectomy.

"I went because my aunt had (been) diagnoised for the second time with breast cancer," Hirmer said. "I wanted her to be there so bad; I was going to surprise her because I knew that she had no clue."

But Hirmer's aunt had just finished with surgery on Aug. 15 and was in no shape to attend the event. So Hirmer did the next best thing - she took lots and lots of pictures.

"When I show her the pics, I want it to be as if she was standing there next to me watching it all," she said.

While the event is over, local restaurant is offering a special price on burgers at lunch to anyone wearing their Pink Heals T-Shirts on Aug. 28, 29 and 30. Burgers and turkey burgers will be $4 for anyone wearing their shirts on those dates.

Ashley M. November 13, 2012 at 09:46 AM
Kelsey Hirmer is a compulsive liar. She doesn't have an aunt that had breast cancer. The courageous women she was talking about later passed on and she told me it was her mother that had passed away. Come to find out this woman was african american and clearly not her mother. It is so sad to think there are people in the world like miss Kelsey Hirmer who would lie like this not only to what I thought was a friend but the community. Shame on you Kelsey....


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