60-Degree Thanksgiving in Shorewood

A very warm Thanksgiving will give way to a cold and blustery Black Friday.

Call it global warming, call it coincidence, but as we head toward the end of November we are instead seeing temperatures that look more like outdoor-sports weather than the seasonal snow. 

If your Thanksgiving Day plans involve football in one of Shorewood's many parks or your own backyard, you will likely be enjoying some quite warm weather for the season. You could probably try barbecuing the turkey if you had a mind to!

On the flip side, Black Friday is promising colder, windier temperatures that we're more used to seeing. If you're planning to get a head start on your holiday shopping, best to bring out the jacket again. 

Here's the weather for the holiday weekend, courtesy of AOL weather:

Wednesday, Nov. 21: As you run around buying last-minute ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast, your Wed. forecast has a high of 60 degrees and a low of just 40 degrees. It'll be partly cloudy all day.

Thursday, Turkey Day: With a high of 61 degrees and party cloudy, this Thanksgiving is one that's calling your name to get outside. 

Friday, Nov. 23: Forget the warm weather, Friday's high is 36 degrees with a windy forecast. A 30 percent chance of percipitation hangs in the air as well.

Saturday, Nov. 24: Saturday will see sunshine again, but it's a high of 34 degrees and a perfect time to try out that new coat you got for a great deal yesterday. 

Sunday, Nov. 25: Rounding out Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday is a high of 42 degrees with partly cloudy forecast. Sounds like good travel weather!


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