Sunshine and Pleasant Breezes

Take some time to smell the daffodils.

On Monday of this week I was leaving Our Lady of Angels home. My mother is a resident there and I stopped in for a visit.

When I walked out the front door, I noticed a lady sitting in the sunshine. She was sitting by my parked car. I said hello and in conversation she told me she is a retired sister.

We both commented on the weather. We can always complain about the weather. It is too hot, too cold, wet, damp, raining, snowing, too windy, etc. But on this early spring day the weather was beautiful.

I was jealous of this retired nun. She was doing what I wanted so to do. She was in the sun and the breeze with her thoughts and prayers and memories.

I had a busy morning and still had piles of work to do. But oh how I wished I could sit with her and enjoy the sun and the warm breeze. But more than that I wanted time to stop and allow me the chance to sit, to pray, to remember.

We don't take the time to do that in our busy world. We have places to go, children to drop off or pick up, practices, hurried meals, appointments. All have us on the run. We think we don't have the time to stop and smell the daffodils.

The grass is getting green, the trees are budding and flowering. The flowers are blooming, in your busy world stop! Schedule some time in the sun and the warm breeze. If you don't, who knows what you miss out on? Just thinking and wishing.


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