This year's tournament is absolutely filthy.

A 15 lost to a two in the first round. And then another 15 lost to a two in the first round.

The defending champs (who, we know, were supposed to lose in the first round) lost in the first round.

A 10, 11 and 13 are still alive. They probably won't be after the next round, but who knows?

All this devastated the brackets of smarter men and women. But fortunately we here at the Patch are not smarter men and women. What we are is luckier, and that's why we still have a chance at winning our pool.

And if we win, we will be looking at the start of a dynasty, since we won it last year. Actually we tied for first, but whatever.

The way we have it figured, if Cincinnati beats Ohio State tonight, we're going to be on the inside track. Granted, that's a big if. But we still have a shot if they lose.

At any rate, let us know how you're doing in your pool. Is your final four still intact? Who do you have winning it all? We hope it wasn't Duke or Missouri. And go Cincinnati!

Flora Dora March 22, 2012 at 05:41 PM
We want Kentucky. So we are still in it!


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