Agony of the Ecstasy: Cook County Cop Tells Joliet Drug Kid 'Stop Crying'

The Sun-Times reported that a Cook County cop told a Joliet teen up on drug charges to "stop crying."

A teen charged with possessing ecstasy pills and laughing gas turned on the water works in court and was told by a Cook County deputy to "stop crying," according to a report in the Sun-Times.

Tyler Schmidt, 17, was in court Sunday following his Saturday night arrest in Chicago. Schmidt was picked up during a traffic stop for allegedly holding nitrous oxide and MDMA pills.

"He appeared highly agitated Sunday during a brief appearance before Judge Adam D. Bourgeois," according to the Sun-Times story, which went on to describe  Schmidt's conduct in the courtroom.

"His attorney repeatedly warned him not to harm his defense by talking to the judge. And after Bourgeois set his bail at $25,000, Schmidt sobbed as he was led from court.

'Stop crying, stop crying!,' a sheriff’s deputy told him several times as Schmidt complained that he did not have the $2,500 he needs to post to get out of jail."

Tony July 10, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Maybe a few months in the slammer will give him a chance to see first hand what some of these dope heads turn out to be as they get older, if that don't scare him nothing will.
John Roberts July 11, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Yeah it might scare him but have to take in account..where does he live,what is the job ratio there,compared to the drug use...people go to jail for years get out and violate parole for smoking a joint....lesson not learned.taxpayers stiffed with the bill...it is natural selection,you will never stop anyone from doing any thing..look at the prison shows...the guards tell you it does no good throwing drug users or selles in jail it makes them more violent,and with more connections to different areas the never would of had,also the prisoners themselves tell you no matter the hard labor,chain gang,max security prison...you can not keep the drugs out of any of them....You can turn America into a prison and is still will not work..we just lose all of our right "trying" to stop some one from using drugs...now with the insurance you are required to buy everyone is going to rehab...to lose their jobs to buy insurance,and get fined for not having it....
John Roberts July 11, 2012 at 04:32 PM
When one dealer is taken down it opens up room for competition and competition can be deadly,and do more damage than the use of drugs themselves...
john July 12, 2012 at 05:37 AM
the thing is that the word is Alleged. I guess you guys have already convicted this guy when he dosen't even have a trial yet. I think its funny that you are all buying into this stupid artical. Think about it. "the agony or exctasy" the only reason this is in the patch is because its interesting story. because he was crying. If they put in all the kids/adults that got busted in Cook county for much more serious stuff than this we would be reading 24 hours a day. This is just the "laughing gas kid is crying" drawing us in to a story and than condeming before we know what even happened.
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