Alleged Murderers Speak: What Can We Learn from Facebook/My Space?

Here are the words and photos posted by the four people arrested last week for allegedly killing two friends and then partying in a house with their corpses.

Who were these four lost souls who, according to Joliet police, took the lives of two friends Thursday and then partied and played as if it were all just a game?

Were they evil, drug-addled, mentally unbalanced? Did they wake up in a jail cell the next day swallowed by a river of regret and shame or were they smirking with the knowledge that they now knew the god-like power of consigning someone to death?

Did they realize that if they're convicted, they'll never again know the simple pleasure of going to a movie or taking a walk, never again see their family without a guard being in the same room, never know what it's like to get married or to see a child graduate or to hold a grandchild's hand?


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We will never know what was going through the minds of Alisa Massaro, 18, Bethany McKee, 18, Adam Landerman, 19, and Joshua Miner, 24, on Jan. 10, 2013, when Joliet police say they ended the lives of Eric Glover, 22, and Terrance Rankins, 22, and now face first-degree murder charges. According to reports, they would attempt to dismember their victims' bodies and then party and play video games until the cops showed up on the doorstep, shocked at what they would find at 1121 N. Hickory St.

The only insight we have are the little snippets of how the suspects saw themselves. The photos they chose to post and the words they left on Facebook, My Space and other Web sites.

The question is, did they leave us clues or are they -- scary to say -- a lot like many other 18-, 19- and 24-year-olds out there.

You be the judge.

Bethany McKee

Bethany's first Facebook page, set up in September 2007, is simple. She identifies herself as living in Shorewood and going to Joliet West High School. The three photos she posts of herself show a smiling, freckled face and her dark brown hair alternately hanging loose and braided and covered by a "N.Y." baseball cap.

By 2011, however, she is going by the name "Bethanii Kizziiee McKee (Babiiee Gqurl)" and her Facebook address is "missladiididi." She is the single mom to baby Cianna-Renee Chandan McKee, whose birth is proudly announced with a photo that takes the entire width of the page.

There is just that one photo until 2012, when there are more than a dozen photos of Cianna-Renee and of Bethany, showing off blue, purple and strawberry blond hair colors and tongue and lip piercings. One particularly disturbing shot has a red, blood-like splash across her face.

Here's how she describes herself: hey, tha names Bethanii[: im 18 , my birtday's July 13 , 94 . i hav a beautiful dauqhtr named Cianna-Renee I'm {TAKEN} am with tha most wonderful man in tha world . i dont hav frends i hav family but very little . i have fuqkd up alot in my past but i reqret any of it because it made me who i am today . favorite color is purple , fav food is hot winqs . i love to play volleyball . i love make up , tattoos && peircinqs . i am a christian , i do beleve in God . i dont hate but do dislike alot . im not perfect but do try my best(: ppl say im a {b.i.t.c.h.} but i just speak my mind♥ i do me && dont care what ppl think(: if yhur a quy && like me yhu qit one chance && thats is when yhu fuqk up yhur outa here dont tke shxt from noone ! 'im selfish , impatient && a little insecure , i make mistakes , im out of control && at times hard to handle , but if yhu cant handle me at my worst , yhu sure as hell dont deserv me at my best !' 'tha shxt yhu hear bt me miqht b tru but then aqen , it could b as fake as tha bitch who told yhu' 'Unles yhuv livd my life dont judqe me bkuz yhu dont kno , nevr hav && nevr will kno evry little detail abt me' 'ima slut bkuz ill wear shorts && a tanktop ima bitch bkuz i dont let yhu push me around ima liar bkuz i wont tell yhu evrythinq ima stoopid bekuz sometimes im ronq ima uqly bkuz my face isnt perfect ima whore bkuz i like quys ima losr bkuz im not friends with yhur qroup im weird bkuz im not like yhu im controlinq bkuz q qit mad sometimes im clinqy bkuz i like to b around people im qreedy bkuz i like to b satisfied im conceited bkuz im proud of who i am im unappreciative bkuz I dont praise yhu' 


Adam Landerman

Adam joined Facebook in October 2010, and doesn't post much for the first year or so. There are photos of him smoking a pipe, wearing sunglasses and standing in the woods.

He answers these questions:

What did/do you want to be when you grew/grow up? A F-----g Legend

If you was stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take? My house with everything inside including a satellite.

He's had his share of love life problems.

May 1, 2012: why the f*** is thir no more good girls around any more evey place i look its a bunch of sluts and i dnt need that WERE ARE ALL THE GOOD GIRLS ?

Oct. 23, 2012: officaly single agin true love is a bs childish lie

Aug. 4, 2012: the more i think bout things the more i realize how f***ed up this world is people are a**hole girls are heart breakers and players so why do we all try to pursue love why ill tell you for the feeling that 1 day we all can have true happyness but this is real life you only get that sh** in movies

Is he religious? He's seen wearing a cross in some photos and posts this in July 2012: JESUS CARES FOR EVERYONE! LIKE If You Agree And Write Only Jesus! http://www.christianet.com/bible/friendship.htm

On Jan. 7, 2013, he puts up a new photo of himself wearing a peacoat and two days later poses the question, "Monster or Redbull ? what will you choose ?"

Here's what he says about himself:

About Adam/Facebook: life sucks loves a loss hate is war and politics start it politics are sh** as are the people who argue over it . as for me i give up on life/love/hate/war/politics and all the bullsh* that goes with them !!! THE HELL WITH IT ALL !!!

well names adam iam single and love to have fun i hate drama so dont start it but i love to party

Favorite quote: life is a play ground have fun !!!

As of Jan. 14, 2013, he has 1,078 friends. A debate ensues between some of them over his guilt or innocence following his arrest on first-degree murder charges.

Alisa Massaro

Of the four, Alisa is the most prolific. She launched her first My Space page while in high school in 2008 and remained loyal to the site until finally switching over to Facebook in April 2012. On My Space, she calls herself "Alisa in Lotus Land."

Her love for Insane Clown Posse, a hip hop "horror" band, is perhaps the one thing that remains steadfast over her online years. She proudly identifies herself as a "juggalo" and a "juggalette," the terms given to Posse fans, and there are dozens of photos showing her in clown makeup, of the band's running figure carrying a hatchet and of references to marijuana.

In her most recent photos, she is slender, smiling and with long blond hair. She has clearly matured from the slightly overweight teen she was earlier in high school, during which time she shaved her head and dyed her hair dozens of different colors.

On her Facebook page, she announces she is "in a relationship" and says her favorite quote is: "The end only means a brand new start is ahead!"

Is she is a relationship with Joshua Miner, the man with whom she and two friends now face murder charges? It's hard to say. There are photos going back to 2009 that say "My Joshy" and "omg i love him," but nothing specific on her most recent Facebook site.

She wrote this on My Space in 2009: my names alisa massaro. i live in the state of illinois. i am a broken kid. i live everyday as if it were my last. i dont regret anything. im confused almost all of the time. i have been in love. and i currently am in love. i go to joliet central high. i graduate (hopefully) in 2012. my parents are divorced. my sister bri (17) has a 6 month old beautiful baby boy. hes the sexy little beast in the picture above with me. which i love oo soo much!!! my mom nita lives in colorado. and i have 3 amazing siblings. Nichole, Mason, and Emilee. i love all of them soo much. i cant even begin to explain. i love the color purple. i have no fashion sense. i dress how i want according to how i feel. i have anger issues. i have been diagnosed with bipolar disease. im down with tha muthaf***in clown. i been down for about 5 years. dont hate appreciate. i been to the hospital for suicide attempts, anger, depression, and cutting. i have seen more than most. im not bragging either. as someone told me ive lived the life of a grown woman. a f***ed up woman but a woman. anyways.

Joshua Miner

Of the four, he is the oldest and the only one who doesn't post much about himself. Other than what Alisa Masarro posts about him, this is one of the only online references to him other than he graduated from Joliet Central High School in 2006.

From Zoom Atlas social map:

josh miner · 601 W Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL I lived here from 1988 to 2010. WHOOP WHOOP,,, WAZZZ UPPP ,,repine,J-town ,, some call me,,,PORK,,E-clips,, now im Known as CRAZZY-NUTTZZ THE VAMP JUGGALO,,,,, MMFWCL;;you all STAY TRUE keep it real ;; HIT ME UP;;



angie January 31, 2013 at 07:20 PM
Why does it always got to b blamed on race damm can't u c uts demonic, satan used these 4 ! Blame goes to him and a word of advice all these parents raising there kids without leading them to Jesus and letting them b freethinkers without spiritual guidance let this b an example of how satan will take control! Im sure someone will poat that the one girl says in her facebook she believes in God well ill say it now Even satan and all the denons believe and shudder so....... please parents don't just leave your children to figure it all out themselves cuz the best and most important thing u can give them is a real guidance to Christ they wont b perfect but they wont b indwelled by demons if thpe holy spirit is in them! My prayers are for all the families of the victims and the murderers because every parent is in turmoil ! I pray God gives all of u a peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding! And uall arguing about race please grow up and rid yourself of such ignorance!
Jack LaLane January 31, 2013 at 10:48 PM
Go back to school, honey.
Jack LaLane January 31, 2013 at 10:53 PM
You must have been educated in the Joliet school system- judging from your spelling, punctuation, and writing skills. Oh, and that would be SUPerior, not "inferior".
angie February 01, 2013 at 05:25 AM
Crack and drugs and crime doesn't have a color people! !!!!!
miss March 01, 2013 at 12:02 PM


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