More Clerks Busted for Selling Cigs to Minors

Joliet police, using underage volunteers, test clerks to see if they will break the law and sell tobacco products to teens.

Joliet police conducted a cigarette enforcement check Tuesday -- the second in four days -- and charged 10 more clerks with selling tobacco to minors, report show.

Per state law, the police have to check every business with tobacco products once a year to ensure they're not selling cigarettes to underage smokers. There are more than 130 businesses in Joliet that sell tobacco-related items.

The enforcement involves sending a minor into a store to see if the clerk will sell him cigarettes. The first was conducted Friday and 10 clerks were cited for breaking the law.

The same number were issued compliance tickets Tuesday. Here are the names of those who were cited and the stores for whom they work:

  • Donna M. Ferris, 52, 218 Channahon St., Shorewood; Burning Leaf Cigars, 2319 Route 59.
  • Bhagwanbhal Patel, 42, 318 N. Larkin Ave., Joliet; BP, 1987 W. Jefferson.
  • Gene Qerimi, 18, 2013 Douglas, Joliet; Mobil, 1805 W. Jefferson.
  • Mohammad Tommalien, 55, 7017 W. Crandall, Worth; City Convenient Mart, 1102 Houbolt Road.
  • Scott C. Ambrose, 22, 4810 Frank Drive, Joliet; Walgreens, 1514 Essington Road.
  • Jonathan Aguilar, 21, 1308 Vintage Drive, Joliet; Black Road Food and Liquor, 2787 Black Road.
  • William M. Kiley, 64, 18530 W. 3000 N Road, Reddick; Sugar Creek Liquors, 1200 Richards.
  • Nora S. Toth, 43, 3723 Bergstrom St., Joliet; 1225 Richards.
  • Cheryl A. Koscinski, 40, 827 W. Jefferson, Joliet; 935 W. Jefferson.
  • Sarinder S. Kanda, 38, 72 S. Westmore, Lombard; Marathon, 324 S. Larkin Ave.



Lynard Skynard March 01, 2013 at 02:51 AM
Hey PM, leave anonymous alone. We all feel safer with people like him, indoors and not out in public
anonymous March 01, 2013 at 03:51 AM
Pat-your spelling of the word "wierd" only confirms your mild retardation and explains your defense of people with low IQs. I refute everything you have said about me. Also-Hugh-I am sitting outside your doublewide as I type this.
Lynard Skynard March 01, 2013 at 04:02 AM
anonymous, you are a child. You are weird and as PM said, a sissy. Damn little boy, i've clicked on your name and seen all your past post. All you do is cry like the little sissy you are. Mostly about the city or government or the police. Its slightly obvious you have some resentment towards all of them. My guess would be the police busted daddy's meth lab thus leaving you in a "single wide" with your mom who post prostitution ads on Craigslist.
anonymous March 01, 2013 at 07:42 AM
I wish I could say that guys like Hugh and PM posting anonymously and calling people things like "sissy" and "loser" and "little boy" (which is kind of creepy unto itself)while not posting under their real names is ironic- but that means that they would have to know what "ironic" means and i have neither the time nor the inclination to explain it to them-plus it would probably involve having to use crayons and pictures to get them to understand.
catapatric April 30, 2013 at 09:26 PM
anonymous - yes your circumcised...they cut the whole thing off!


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