Constant Cops Calling Lands Woman in Jail: Police

A Joliet woman allegedly called the cops so many times that they finally showed up at her house to arrest her.

The woman who cried "car theft" ended up in jail for calling the cops one—or maybe 10—too many times, police said.

Lymari Torres, 26, of 338 O'Neill St. was charged with making a false 911 report in connection with her alleged repeated drunk dialing of the police over the weekend. Torres was taken into custody about 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

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Torres called 911 no less than 10 times and claimed her car had been stolen, police said. Torres was reportedly "belligerent" and sounded "intoxicated" when she called, according to a police account of the matter.

After the 10th call, officers went over to Torres' place on O'Neill Street. Her supposedly stolen car was there, police said, and so was she, and she was just as intoxicated as she sounded.

Which is why her boyfriend had taken away her car keys in the first place, police said. It was this deprivation of keys which apparently led Torres to believe her car had been stolen, according to police. And the boyfriend, he happened to be intoxicated as well, police said.

Torres was taken into custody. The boyfriend was not charged.

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