CVS Bandit, 16, Used Gun to Get OxyContin: Cops

Joliet police say the teen presented the pharmacy with a threatening note and then went into the store's rest room to use the drug.

A teenager needing an OxyContin fix and wielding a BB gun forced a CVS pharmacy employee to give him the drug and then locked himself in the store's rest room, Joliet police say.

The suspect, described as a 16-year-old white male, entered the store at Caton Farm and Drauden roads at about 7:25 p.m. Wednesday, Cmdr. Al Roechner said. He went directly to the pharmacy counter and presented the employee with a note that read, "Don't do anything stupid. I have a gun. Give me all your OxyContin and 30-gauge needles."

"He needed a fix, and he was going to get one," Roechner said.

The police were called about a "robbery in progress," and found the teen inside the rest room, Roechner said. He had to be coaxed from the room, and police recovered the BB gun from inside, he said.

No one was injured and no shots fired. The teen was charged with aggravated robbery, rather than armed robbery, because the weapon used was not a real gun, Roechner said.

OxyContin, a retail name for the drug oxycodone, is a narcotic pain reliever that's available only through prescription. When used for recreational purposes, the taker gets a high that's similar to heroin, experts say.

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Matt November 30, 2012 at 04:14 AM
That is just horribly sad that a 16 year old is already addicted to that kind of stuff. I'm no pharmacist but it's quite obvious that this drug is basically the pill form of heroin. What kind of scumbag would "push" or encourage someone so young to try that? Thankfully, this teen survived his dose, and nobody else was hurt. However, whoever the boys' parents are need to take action ASAP. This is nothing to joke about. If his parents don't give a crap about his drug use then they don't deserve to be their parents. Action must be taken before inevitable death to either himself or someone else. Some may say I'm overreacting but I'm only trying to help him and his loved ones from a terrible road ahead. It's reality. Officers in middle / high school have drug education for a reason. And heroin (and its "relatives") is the most dangerous poison someone can possibly use. No loving family member / friend should have to find that they overdosed, and fail to revive them soon enough like my family had to do last week to my 18-year old brother.
John Roberts November 30, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Lmao....I was right it was OxyContin...Just as I figured....We will see more of this the more people are put onto these medications...He could of went for treatment...the would of gave him...Suboxin...which a 2mg strip is like taking a 60mg OxyContin...and if that isn't enough they have a 10mg strip.......All of the rehabs,all of the medication treatments are Bull Sh.t...the Dr.s know it and so do the politicians that are trying to send everyone to rehab.....We wanna get you off heroin and addicted to Big Pharma Pills..lmao....If this kid could not have found OxyContin he would of eventually went to Heroin.....Remember before you take them pills the Dr.gave you.......OxyContin,Suboxin,Methadone = Synthetic Heroin. Vicodin,Norco,Loratab. = Synthetic Opium....From one "Drug War" to the Next.....All at the Tax Payers Expense...


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