Drew Peterson Murder Trial F-Bomb Dropper Still on Hook in J-Town

Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby's contempt case for mouthing an expletive at wife-murderer Drew Peterson was postponed.

Cincinnati steak man Jeff Ruby finally had his day in court Friday, and he'll have another one next month too.

Ruby, the man behind the Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment chain of steak restaurants, is up on a contempt of court charge for telling off Drew Peterson  during the wife-killer's murder trial.

Ruby, 64, said Peterson was glaring at him during a break in the trial, so he locked eyes with the murderer and mouthed, "F--- you."

Not 12 hours later, a warrant was issued for Ruby's arrest and a pair of plainclothes sheriff's deputies apprehended him in the lobby of Harrah's Casino hotel.

A source said the cops laid a trap for Ruby, having the hotel staff change the lock on his door so his keycard would not work, then capturing him when he came down to the lobby to complain.

Ruby only spent about an hour in jail. He was released on his own recognizance after he was booked.

Ruby was arrested the same day he harshly criticized Peterson trial Judge Edward Burmila during a press conference outside the Will County Courthouse.

"Has a judge ever been charged with obstruction of justice?" said Ruby, adding, "You don't need a mistrial—this is a miscarriage of justice."

Ruby is being represented by former Judge Stephen White, who was set to preside over Peterson's murder trial in July 2010. A last minute appeal by Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow put the case in a two-year limbo. In the meantime, White retired from the bench and went into private practice.

On Friday, White spoke of settling the contempt case.

"We're working toward a resolution so that justice to all sides will be upheld and satisfied," he said.

Ruby, who visited Joliet in an enormous black-and-gold touring bus for Peterson's murder trial in August and September, said he was in New York City to hammer out deals for television shows about himself and his restaurants Friday morning.

"There was no way I was going to make it" to the hearing in Joliet, Ruby said.

And he has a conflict during the next scheduled date in November as well.

"That's when I'm going to be at Santa Anita for the Breeders' Cup," Ruby said. "So I won't be there for that either."


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