Email & County Boss Subpoenaed in Pol’s ‘Intimate’ Pic Case

Former Will County Board Member Kathleen Konicki has subpoenaed the county executive and email messages to and from the state's attorney, a judge and others for her case against a man who says he "might have" once possessed nude photographs of her.

Kathleen Konicki. Credit: Will County Board
Kathleen Konicki. Credit: Will County Board
By Joseph Hosey

Will County Executive Larry Walsh and Joliet attorney Timothy Rathbun were subpoenaed by the lawyer for a county board member battling to get back "personal" photos she says an old boyfriend kept after their breakup.

Former board member Kathleen Konicki's attorney also subpoenaed "any and all emails, including attachments" Rathbun sent to or received from Will County Judge Gerald Kinney, State's Attorney James Glasgow and First Assistant State's Attorney Ken Grey.

Rathbun's subpoena ordered him to bring to court all images or photographs he possesses of Konicki's house, property or person "to the extent they show (Konicki) wearing intimate attire or engaged in intimate activity." 

Rathbun and Walsh failed to return calls for comment on the subpoenas. Charles B. Pelkie, the spokesman for the state's attorney's office, was unable to shed any light on Glasgow and Grey's possible involvement in the case.

"We have absolutely no idea what they're referring to," Pelkie said.

Konicki, a Homer Glen Republican, released a statement she said was from her attorney. It read: "We were looking for an email which distributed material protected by a court order. We're going to reissue another subpoena, and this one will be more tightly worded."

The subpoenas were issued as part of Konicki's bid to secure a protective order against old boyfriend John Bassett of New Lenox. In her petition for the protective order, Konicki, 64, said she secured a previous order against Bassett in 2005, one which supposedly instructed him to "destroy some pictures of me."

"I found out ... recently that John did not destroy these pictures," Konicki said in her most recent petition. "He gave these pictures to another friend of his who I dated some time ago. This person emailed the pictures of me out to a number of other people."

Bassett, 62, denied this after he appeared in court for the matter on Sept. 5 and insisted Konicki watched him as he destroyed the photos.

Konicki has declined to describe the pictures she believes Bassett not only kept but shared with a pal. When asked about the nature of the photos, Basset said, "Some of them would have been romantic," and, "Some of them might have been" nude pictures.

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anonymous September 17, 2013 at 08:21 PM
I'll bet that dirty old Irishman Larry has held those pictures of that Irish lass in his gnarled, corrupt hands til they're dog eared.


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