Eyes Wide Shut Rogues Gallery

You know the guys who always blink when they get their picture taken? This is them.

In the past, we've given our due to the men and women charged with taking the mugshots down at the Will County jail.

It's not an easy job, and we know this.

But this week we have way too many shut-eyed mugshots.

How exactly does it work down there? Is it one and done? Doesn't anyone get a second chance if they happen to blink at the exact wrong time?

We don't know. Because we haven't been down there. Well, actually we have been down there. But we weren't getting locked up. We here at the Shorewood Patch are law abiding and don't get locked up. Just like the good people of Shorewood, for the most part.

So, yes, we have been down to the county jail. But we were "just visiting." Like in Monopoly.

And since you're here, thank you for visiting the Shorewood Patch Rogues Gallery. We hope you enjoy your stay.


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