Falling Flagpole Breaks Race Fan's Back: Lawsuit

A woman suing Chicagoland Speedway says a flagpole fell on her.

A woman claiming a falling flagpole broke her back is suing Chicagoland Speedway.

Elfega Duensing's lawsuit against the racecar track was filed at the Will County Courthouse this week.

Duensing was walking through a Chicagoland Speedway parking lot in June when a flagpole fell and hit her in the back, according to her lawsuit. The flagpole was "affixed to a concrete container filed with sand," the suit said.

The impact of the flagpole caused "injuries including thoracic spine fractures," the suit said.

Chicagoland Speedway is to blame for Duensing's broken back because the flags lacked the "necessary wind slits," the containers of sand weren't heavy enough to support the flagpoles and they were unsecured, the lawsuit said.

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David Johnson April 06, 2013 at 05:22 PM
That's funny, that people can blame the Race Track for someone else's kids who were playing around that flag pole. YES I WAS THERE, and those flags were set and strong enough for wind. Infact the wind was hardly noticeable. It was nice and warm. Funny that I see this here cause I told the police who were there that 4 to 5 kids were playing around the pole and pushing it. I also told them that I did not know if the woman who was yelling at them with vulgar words was the same woman who got hit by it. Its funny how people can blame and point the finger at the track, I told the police that these kids were fulling around the flag pole that day and the response was "we will check into have a nice day" Gee I know I should get a lawyer to sue Chicagoland Motor Speedway when people left all the beer bottles and water bottles on the stands and we (my wife and I ) were getting to leave and I slipped on one. Oh wait my ankle was the injured party. Come on this is so stupid to sue a race track for the negligence of your children. If they were not your children then they need to find out who was parents. Those parents of the 4 to 5 kids playing around there should be sued NOT THE RACE TRACK. Oh wait one more thing, why don't we SUE the winner of the race, for all the people who did not like him because of a fight broke out in the grand stands off turn 4, You see CHICAGOLAND SPEEDWAY is not a PARENT those children are to blame...


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