Man Tells Police He Had Sex with Child Victim 400 Times: Prosecutor

Jason Hagerstrom's alleged sexual contact began when the now 17-year-old victim was just 6, Will County Assistant State's Attorney Frank Byers said.

A Joliet man told police he began sexually abusing a young girl when she was just 6 years old, and had sex with her more than 400 times in the ensuing 10 or more years, a Will County prosecutor said in court today.

Jason Hagerstrom, 35, of 1226 N. Raynor Ave., has admitted to oral, anal and conventional sex and other forms of sexual contact with the victim, who is now 17, Assistant State's Attorney Frank Byers told Judge Roger Rickmon during Hagerstrom's bond hearing.

Bond was set at $5 million.

After the hearing, Byers said it's likely more charges will be added to the 18 felonies Hagerstrom currently faces when the case goes to the grand jury a few weeks from now. He declined to offer any other details about the allegations, such as when and where the sexual assaults occurred.

Police learned of the situation when the victim's mother brought the young woman to the Joliet Police Department, where she made a videotaped statement about her underage contact with Hagerstrom, Byers said.

Hagerstrom was taken into custody Saturday and charged with five counts of predatory criminal sexual assault, 10 counts of criminal sexual assault, two counts of aggravated child pornography and one count of child pornography.

He has voluntarily provided extensive information about his sexual contact with the girl and consented to a police search of his car and cell phone, on which they discovered two videos of Hagerstrom and his victim unclothed and having sex, Byers said.

By Hagerstrom's own account, he had various forms of sex with victim as many as 400 times between 2001 and 2012, Byers said.

No attorney represented Hagerstrom at the Monday afternoon bond hearing, and he was not asked to enter a plea on the charges. He appeared emotionless and soft-spoken during the courtoom hearing, which he attended via video from a room at the Will County jail.

His only interaction with the judge was to verify that his income prior to his arrest was $3,500 a month and his expenses $1,650.

Although Hagerstrom has no previous criminal history, Byers asked that bond be set at $5 million in light of Hagerstrom's potential sentence to as many as 120 years in prison if convicted on all of the counts.

Rickmon ordered Hagerstrom to have no contact with the victim or her family. His next court hearing was set for Jan. 7.



Hal January 04, 2013 at 07:25 AM
I hope this does motivate you to become involved with law enforcement. But don't let this be the only reason. Believe it or not, if you do become a cop, you had better like people. All kinds of people, cause you will deal with the dregs of society up to and including presidents; pastors; and honest citizens. And you'd be surprised as to how much information you will receive from those whom you may consider a lower class than yourself. Remember this "don't make any promises you can't deliver on" when dealing with those you speak to ! And learn to listen, listen carefully. That gun and badge doesn't make you judge and jury. It provides you with the ability to enforce the law, regardless of how some laws seem ridiculous. Remember, once you put on the gun and badge, you now live in a fish bowl ! There is no such thing as an eight hour shift for an officer. He or she is on duty 24/7 ! The last piece of advice is to make sure any relationships you have will have to understand you don't get holidays; birthdays; anniversaries; and all other such normal events. You have to dedicate yourself to your job. Be firm but be honest in al of your appraisals in the events or cases you handle, from minor traffic to your more horrendous criminal element. Too many people think that they can solve all the issues they encounter. If you are successfull in your endeavors, I wish you luck.
Hal January 04, 2013 at 07:41 AM
You know, SonofJohn, you wouldn't be saying what you are if you knew anything about what you're talking about. Remember this, no weapon kills, i'st the people who posses them and use them. If someone would have slaughtered many with a fork, you'd want to ban forks. If he or she used spoons then it would be spoons. Wake up ! If you take a good look at the horrendous events which have occured not only in the U.S. but throughout the rest of the world, those offenders, in 99% of the time were under some medication for a mental condition. And in most instances, they were un-employed and loners. Yes, their families knew something was wrong but felt embarassed to admit same. If people work, they make money. If they make money, the spend it to make themselves happy which, in most instances they don;t go about depressed and take lives. Illinois does not trust it's citizens. They pass this or the proposed laws now under consideration and you might as well place a sign outside your residence that you have no guns; come on in and take anything you want, just don't hurt us ! Figure it out ! Where is the money going to come from for all law enforcement agencies which will be required to enforce same ? You are going to get criminal elements to come to our state in order to take advantage of our citizens because they know they are not armed. With the increase in the crime rate and the cost of administrating these laws, let alone taking the rights away from honest citizens.
John Roberts January 04, 2013 at 03:03 PM
And he probably owned a car,a watch,a dog,a house...and some clothes....what ever shall we do?you tactic to scare people into being scared of assault weapons is the same game e government plays on the public....probably has assault weapons...lol...what else are you against that you think he might of had...maybe a shot gun shell and some PVC..to make a bomb?lmao...your like the news media with your linking Assault weapons to some sick degenerate....good people preachers,family men and women,nurses,Dr.s,business owners all probably have assault weapons too...
John Roberts January 04, 2013 at 03:07 PM
There is only 2 things that come from restriction only 2 ...that is violence and more restrictions due to the violence....you don't follow the restriction violence will come and more restrictions for not following the restrictions....the only way to enforce a restriction is violence..
JOHN January 29, 2013 at 01:06 PM
I sure hope he lives a long and glorious life in prison . All the sex he wants without all the trouble .


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