Meet the Man Selling an Alleged Hickory St. Nightmare Killer's Jailhouse Letters

Here's the guy selling alleged Nightmare on Hickory Street murderer Bethany McKee's letters, among other things.

Kelly "Dark Vomit" Hutchison. Credit: Submitted photo
Kelly "Dark Vomit" Hutchison. Credit: Submitted photo
We got a chance to send San Diego artist—and merchant of murder memorabilia—Kelly "Dark Vomit" Hutchison some questions. And Hutchison took the time to send us back some answers.

Hutchison's the one selling letters penned by Bethany McKee of Joliet's own Nightmare on Hickory Street murders. Here's what he had to say:

Q: Did you write Ms. McKee and did she write you back?

A: I have never written to Ms. McKee—although very tempted. I find her case to be quite fascinating and tragic.

Q: If so, did she know her letters would be sold?

A: I couldn't imagine she knows who I am, let alone know that her letters might be up for sale.

Q: If not, did someone sell you the letters? Or do people sell items through your site, like with eBay?

A:I acquired her letters through a fellow collector. I made a trade with some of my own artwork for a collection of various prisoner letters, in which her letters were included. Many inmate letters and art are collected like baseball cards, being bought, sold, and traded. I have a particular interest in collecting true crime items of a historical nature and felt that her case had garnished enough media attention, that it made it worthy to list. eBay prohibits the sales of these types of items. I cater to more of an underground market.

Q: What's the strangest thing you've listed?

A: That would be Dana Gray's (The Pampered Killer) prison worn panties. It is not often that panties of notorious killers pop up on the market. I can't say there is much historical nature with that one. But hey ... I figure if someone wants to get their kicks off serial killer panties ... it's none of my business ... and they are available if they want them.

Q:What's the strangest thing you've sold?

A: Locks of Charles Manson's hair.

Q: What's the most expensive item listed/sold?

A: Charles Manson Prison ID Card. It was recently sold for $4,500 ... I have sellers remorse about it, as it was an extremely rare item. I can easily imagine, within just a few years, that it will be worth whole lot more than that. I put the money towards the purchase of a "Patches the Clown" painting by John Wayne Gacy. I have been wanting one, for some time. ...so I'll get over it.

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