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What's $60,000 in pounds sterling?

A Hermans Lanes woman told she has given up on a London man to whom she has wired tens of thousands of dollars in hopes he will come to and marry her.

The woman wired more than $60,000 over the course of six months starting in November, according to the Will County Sheriff's Department.

The woman "believed (the man) was going to come to Joliet to marry her," reads a statement released by the sheriff's department. "She now believes it was a scam."


Four men took a cab ride from Chicago down to Joliet and then tried to beat the fare by running off.

Police corralled the four soon after they split while the cabdriver was filling up his ride at a Jefferson Street gas station.

Arnell Lowery, 20, of 708 Grant Ave., Darrell Oliver, 19, of 358 N. Broadway, Terry Ward, 21, also of 358 N. Broadway, and Kashmire Clemons, 18, of 7619 S. Hermitage Ave. in  Chicago all were apprehended about 4 a.m. Thursday in the vicinity of Jefferson Street and Stryker Avenue.

The four men were charged with the theft of labor or services. They were released on their own recognizance.


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