Rerun Rogues Gallery, Starring Drew Peterson

The Will County jail is such a wonderful place that even Drew visited more than once.

The Rogues Gallery is back — and so are all the men and women featured in this week's edition.

See, we've been on a recurring theme here the weeks, focusing on people who seem to keep returning to the Will County jail.

They are repeat the customers, the , the familiar faces who keep turning up at the county jail again and again.

While the staff here at the Shorewood Patch was putting together this week's Rogues Gallery, we remembered that even Drew Peterson made two trips to the county jail in recent years. The first time was for a gun charge that dragged through court before it was eventually dropped. The second time was when he went in on that , for which he is still there.

The funny thing about it — if there could ever be anything funny about jail or murder or guns, which there cannot be — is that both times Drew was arrested and carted off to jail he was wearing the same T-shirt. It was some kind of Iraq-Harley Davidson shirt. Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe he knew he was getting hooked up and put on his lucky "I'm going to jail today" T-shirt on the mornings in question.

Either way, he had it on both times, and got to wear it in both his mugshots. It's just too bad the photo cuts off so high, otherwise you might actually be able to read the words on the shirt he seems to want so badly for everyone to see.

The other men and women in this gallery chose to diversify their apparel to a greater extent than Drew. So check them out, in this very special RERUN ROGUES GALLERY:

Flora Dora July 11, 2011 at 12:01 PM
Rob Lowe cannot possibly capture this look!


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