Rogues Gallery: Frequent Flyers

These guys (and gals) pop up so often they shouldn't even have to wait in line to get their mugshots taken.

We've only been around a few months here at the Shorewood Patch.

Our time together has been brief, but we've done out best to stimulate the senses by bringing you the  each week in its .

While we've been at it, we've noticed a few of our favorites turning up again and again, and in some cases, again and again.

Now maybe these men and women don't have all over their faces, and maybe they haven't been accused of for money, or cocaine, or whatever. Maybe they weren't somewhere along the line on their way to having their mugshot taken down at the county, and maybe none of them even bear a passing resemblance to .

But they keep coming back, like the proverbial bad penny. Or other, unpleasant stuff they taught us about it in health class back  in seventh grade at I.S. 25.

So here they are, the repeat customers, the frequent flyers, the VIP guests, or whatever you want to call them, here at the Rogues Gallery.

Flora Dora March 14, 2011 at 02:36 PM
Maybe they keep hoping for a better picture??? I love IS25 de
Flora Dora March 14, 2011 at 02:37 PM
Who is Adrien Block? Joe Mullany


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