Romeoville Man Says Lady Friend & Her Crew Cracked His Skull

A Romeoville man's lawsuit claims his girlfriend incited her daughter and three friends to savagely attack him at his home.

A Romeoville man claims his lying lady friend whipped her daughter and three of her pals into such a frenzy that they pulled him out of his home, beat him senseless and cracked his skull with a golf club.

The allegedly wronged man, Thomas Lerch, laid out his grievances in a lawsuit filed this week at the Will County Courthouse.

Lerch said his girlfriend at the time, Lana Richards, 44, was taken to the Romeoville police station in September after a "domestic altercation" at the Dalhart Avenue home they were sharing.

While at the station, Richards called her daughter, Melissa Richards, 25, and "falsely told" her she "had been beaten by Thomas Lerch," the lawsuit said. She also asked for a ride.

When the daughter took the call, the lawsuit said, she was "partying" with three Lockport men—Kurt Hodges, 27, Gregory Kijek, 26, and Johnathan Bolisenga, 29. Melissa Richards and the three men "had become intoxicated," the lawsuit said, "and were still in a state of intoxication."

But that didn't stop them from heading over to the police station to pick up Lana Richards, the suit said, and from there they made the trip to Lerch's house "in order to 'teach him a lesson' and avenge Lana."

Once there, the younger of the two women "lured" Lerch to the door, the suit said. As Lerch was talking to her through the screen door, "Hodges approached stealthily from behind the door and abruptly jerked the door open thereby pulling (Lerch) through the doorway and out into the open," where Hodges knocked him to the ground and started working him over.

Melissa Richards jumped in, the suit said, and Bolisenga "encouraged" the two of them in their efforts.

While Richards and Hodges were giving Lerch the business—with Bolisenga's encouragement—Kijek and Lana Richards went into the house where they grabbed some things and broke others, including telephones, a laptop computer and other electronic equipment, the lawsuit said.

Somewhere along the way Kijek came across a golf club, the suit said, which he decided to "use as a bludgeon" on Lerch, who ended up with a fractured skull and broken nose, not to mention broken facial bones, a brain contusion, and other serious injuries.

Kijek, Hodges, Bolisenga and the two Richards all were arrested in the wake of the alleged attack. Kijek, Hodges, Lana Richards and Melissa Richards were charged with aggravated battery and criminal trespass to a residence. Bolisenga was charged with obstructing justice. Their cases are still pending.

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cicero February 07, 2013 at 05:30 PM
I know the gentleman that was attacked. And it was very wrong for what they did. They not only ruined there lives they also ruined a person that was a hard worker and now he cant do the work he use to do. They all need to have jail time. They thought it was fun the night they attacked my friend well hope its fun in jail.
yasmine February 10, 2013 at 02:28 AM
two women "lured" Lerch to the door
patrick February 12, 2013 at 02:59 PM
What a. Sad sad story. That girl just got some kind of nursing degree the Mom was trying to get her life together now what as far as the. Butt heads who. Beat him. I hope you like. Grape lip stick cuz that's what you will be doing in prison . LoL and the LIL woman who started. All this you reep what you sew
SylvanGoddess February 14, 2013 at 01:56 PM
What is funny about your statement is that you overlook the fact that the guys who dished out the beating were from Lockport.
SylvanGoddess February 14, 2013 at 01:59 PM
Did you mean to say "reap what ye sow"?


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