Will County Courthouse Official Kills Self In Crest Hill City Hall Parking Lot

The security services coordinator for the Will County courthouse killed himself in the parking lot of Crest Hill City Hall during a council meeting, police said.

Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas confirmed the Monday-night death of Jim Carson.

Kaupas said there was nothing to indicate Carson was suicidal.

"This is all unexpected," Kaupas said.

Crest Hill Police Chief Dwayne Wilkerson said a body was found between Parked cars in the City Hall parking lot. The dead man, whose name Wilkerson did not know, shot himself. The incident was captured on surveillance video, Wilkerson said.

Carson, a Plainfield resident, had not attended the meeting and his death appears unrelated to the proceeding, Wilkerson said.

The sheriff's department took over the death investigation from the Crest Hill police, Wilkerson said.

Kaupas said he had no new information on Carson's death.

"I'm still waiting to be briefed from this morning," the sheriff said.

Carson had worked as a police officer before taking the security job with Will County, said Kaupas. The sheriff was not sure which department Carson had worked for.

"I'm don't remember where he was a police officer," Kaupas said.


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