Skokie Peeping Podiatrist Has St. Charles Connection

The doctor accused in Michigan of recording showering male wrestlers in a Michigan community college locker room was arrested for a similar 2009 incident in St. Charles.

Anyone who noticed a CBS 2 helicopter hovering low over the West Side of St. Charles on Thursday can rest assured, albeit uneasily: There was no bank heist in progress, no fire, no bad wreck or other breaking news in St. Charles that drew media attention there.

What the camera crew apparently was shooting, however, is related to the arrest of a Skokie podiatrist in Michigan in a case that is uncomfortably similar to one in which he was charged in St. Charles in 2009.

On Thursday night, CBS 2 reported about Ninos D. Jando, 34, the podiatrist, who was arrested in Michigan for setting up a camera to shoot video of members of a men’s wrestling team as they showered after practice Monday at Muskegon Community College.

The CBS 2 report included a short clip of XSport Fitness, apparently the one on Randall Road in St. Charles.


Because Jando was arrested in St. Charles in 2009 for unauthorized videotaping in the men's locker room there. CBS 2 reported that Kane County prosecutors plea bargained the case against Jando down to s misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

In Michigan, WoodTV.com reported that Jando was arraigned Wednesday in Muskegon on three counts of capturing or distributing an image of an unclothed person, a five-year felony. Court documents list three male victims in the case, but WoodTV.com said police believe that Jando may have recorded many others.

According to WoodTV.com, a student wrestler noticed Jando leaving a shower with a toiletry bag that appeared to contain a camera lens. The student also saw a red light coming from the bag.

Prosecutors said Jando hung a toiletry bag on a shower head and positioned the camera inside it so the lens was in a hole in the bag to record others in the locker room, according to the WoodTV.com report.

Muskegon police also seized six similar toiletry bags from Jando's car, WoodTV.com said, in addition to cellphones, a hard drive and a laptop. Images found on those devices led to the charges Jando now faces. The investigation broadened when police discovered other videos in the car, and authorities fear that may be dozens of victims videotaped in several different locker room showers. Detectives also found membership cards under various names for several health clubs in Jando's car.



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