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Clerks Busted for Selling Cigs to Teens

Joliet police conducted a check to determine if stores were selling tobacco to underage patrons, and found 10 businesses where employees broke the law.

The Joliet Police Department cited clerks in 10 stores for selling tobacco to minors in a compliance enforcement conducted Friday.

Joliet Cmdr. Rich Demick said the department is obligated under state law to check each of the 130 stores in the city that sell tobacco products. Typically, enforcement reviews are done three or four times a year to ensure that every business is checked at least once, he said.

The review involves sending a minor into a store to purchase cigarettes. If the clerk sells them to the teen, he or she is issued a compliance ticket for violating the law, Demick said.

The following stores/employees were cited in Friday's enforcement:

  • 609 Ruby St. (Joliet Food Mart): Abdullah I. Bachu, 67, 4939 Courtland Circle, Plainfield.
  • 692 Theodore (Michalene Liquor): Paula M. Reardon, 52, 413 N. Raven Road, Shorewood.
  • 1529 N. Broadway (Marathon gas station): Vivian C. Black, 39, 815 Cora St., Joliet.
  • 3021 Plainfield Road (Shell gas station): Stephanie Malak, 50, 2418 Regan Road, Joliet.
  • 710 E. Cass St. (Shell): Jessica M. Zander, 25, 110 Hobbs, Joliet.
  • 401 S. Larkin Ave. (Shell): Amanda M. Curry, 22, 311 White Ave., Joliet.
  • 334 N. Collins (Citgo gas station): Vaneza Ramirez, 21, 413 State St., Joliet.
  • 3620 Rock Creek (7-Eleven): Jashumati V. Patel, 68, 1594 Essex Drive, Hoffman Estates.
  • 563 N. Collins St.: Marisol Reyes-Penaloza, 19, 611 Garnsey, Joliet.
  • 935 W. Jefferson St.: Khalil M. Ahmad, 56, 214 Peale St., Joliet.



anonymous February 26, 2013 at 03:58 AM
Great work guys- this would make for a great episode of Law and Order CIG. Whatever it takes to make up that city budget shortfall.
jaysean woods February 26, 2013 at 08:17 AM
What about that crappy liquor store on Collins right next to the tracks. They also sell liquor to minors. Not just smokes.
John Roberts February 26, 2013 at 12:58 PM
not just that the police pay,the fuel for the car,then the snitch kid ya have with ya..all adds up to going around and harassing businesses...Police working like FEDS now..creating crime in a neighborhood near you...Sure the place didn't have to sell the Cigs...BUT the police didn't have to send in a kid to but them either...Is it not illegal to send kids to buy Cigs in the first place....Yeah keep on making the businesses in Joliet seem like they are crap...keep on making this place look like a bunch of scumbags live in Joliet...Great Job...
John Roberts February 26, 2013 at 01:01 PM
people do just like I do when I am looking for a place..First thing I do is pop up the Stats to see the crime rate..all of this adds up..Everytime the cops set a bike up to get stolen and it does...that's a notch on the crime rate,Everytime cops create crime its a notch..Everyone in the Nation says Will County is the biggest county with the most work and a decent place to live...But mention nothing about Joliet....
K.J February 26, 2013 at 02:20 PM
Jaysean I hope your not dumb enough to be using your full name trying to snitch on somebody goof ball!


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