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Truck Driver Charged In I-55 Crash That Killed 4

Victims of Joliet Double Murder Found With Plastic Bags Over Heads

The friends slain in a North Hickory Street house were left dead while their killers partied and played, police said.

The two Joliet men found strangled in a North Hickory Street house last week were left with plastic bags over their heads, a source close to the case said.

Joliet police officers acting on a tip that there were two dead bodies in the 1121 N. Hickory St. home of Alisa Massaro, 18, made the grisly discovery. They also happened upon Massaro and two of her friends—Joshua Miner, 24, and Adam Landerman, 19—playing video games with the corpses nearby.

Police say the dead men, Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover, both 22, had been strangled. But a source said officers found Rankins and Glover with plastic bags over their heads and it is unclear whether they were left to suffocate after being choked unconscious.


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Will County Coroner Patrick O'Neil said the preliminary cause of death remains strangulation but the probe remains ongoing.

"There's still outstanding toxicological testing, the police investigation and all that that's still out there," O'Neil said.

Miner, Landerman and Massaro all were taken into custody at Massaro's home. A second woman, 18-year-old Bethany McKee of Shorewood, was arrested in Kankakee. Kankakee Police Chief Larry Regnier has failed to return repeated phone calls about the circumstances of McKee's arrest, and whether she was apprehended with her year-old child.

Landerman is the son of Joliet police Sgt. Julie Larson. Larson was not involved in the murder investigation, said Joliet Police Chief Mike Trafton.

Massaro, McKee, Landerman and Miner are being held at the Will County jail on charges of first-degree murder. Judge Daniel Rozak set bond for each of them at $10 million.

Trafton, who called the killings "one of the most brutal, heinous, really upsetting things" he has encountered in his career, said the murder was motivated by robbery. Police believe Massaro, McKee, Landerman and Miner lured Glover and Rankins to the house to rip them off and kill them.

After slaying the two young men, Trafton said, Massaro, McKee, Landerman and Miner "continued the party atmosphere" in the Hickory Street house.

The four alleged killers intended to dismember the bodies of their victims, a source said, and went so far as to prepare to butcher the corpses, but they apparently never got around to it.



mammamia January 21, 2013 at 01:27 PM
Her dad lives there it is his house. And he was downstairs when it was going on and heard it happen and went to go upstairs and they stopped him. Told him the tv fell and they were cleaning it up to go back downstairs because he had to work that night. That is really messed up. Shouldn't her dad be charged with something?? And the police are telling the family members to be careful and they should get out of town for a while, change all their phone numbers all kinds of crap. Umm maybe you should tell those families they should have raised their kids better and they deserve to be in danger... I feel so bad for the victims families screw a 'day in court' they deserve a 'day at home' with them.
Jen Thomas January 23, 2013 at 09:28 AM
Ahh...but you pay LESS...it costs more to kill someone than to sentence them to life!(appeals process is costly & in many states mandatory for death penalty cases)
Concerned Citizen January 25, 2013 at 01:39 AM
Jen Thomas, I am not sure where you got your information from, however. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the average life expectancy is 78.7 years. Massaro 78.7 - 18 = 60.7 years, McKee 78.7 - 18 = 60.7 years, Landerman 78.7 - 19 = 59.7 years, Miner 78.7 - 24 = 54.7 years. For a average of 235.8 years to house and feed the four inmates. According to the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) the average yearly cost to house a inmate is $21,451 dollars per year. Do the math that is $5,058,145.80 to feed and house these animals for the remainder of there lives. According to the Los Angeles Times the cost of lethal injection is $83.55. So to put these savages down would cost $334.20. Personally, I would rather see the 5 million dollars invested into our education system to inform children on violence, or to provide counseling to troubled youth then to keep these people happy and healthy for the remainders of there lives. Unfortunately, since the state of Illinois no longer has the death penalty we will have no choice but to pay for them to get three meals a day and a warm bed to sleep in while the parents of those two young boys will have to suffer for the rest of there lives. RIP for the two lost and God bless there family.
Hartz January 27, 2013 at 03:29 AM
Hey John, have you heard any more on this? Have the other inmates been informed of his past? I would imagine that even the worst criminals have higher standards than this piece of garbage.
Hartz January 27, 2013 at 03:35 AM
I think you forgot to multiply the years that it would take before lethal injection is inflicted. They don't do that the day after a conviction, there are multiple appeals and such. It could be 30 plus years before they were put to death, IF that was even a possibility. Personally, if they are found to be guilty of half of the allegations, than the slow torture (about 30 years of slow torture), would be a perfect solution. I truly hope the families involved can find some peace one day.


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