Will DEA Stakeouts Put Crest Hill Indoor Garden Center Out Of Business? Owner Thinks So

The owner of an indoor garden center staked out by a DEA agent considers himself a casualty in the war on drugs.

Will DEA stakeouts force Midwest Hydroganics to close for good? Credit: Joseph Hosey
Will DEA stakeouts force Midwest Hydroganics to close for good? Credit: Joseph Hosey
Revelations that the DEA picked targets for criminal investigations by staking out a Crest Hill indoor garden center has the shop owner convinced his business is ruined.

"Who's the only one who got hurt? Me," said the owner of Midwest Hydroganics on Renwick Road.

The owner declined to give his name but Crest Hill lists the registered owner as Joseph Vota.

The man at the Midwest Hydroganics counter Tuesday said he has owned the business for 10 years but will likely have to close now that news broke about the DEA surveilling his store.

According to court papers obtained by Patch, a Channahon man and a Shorewood woman were arrested after separate investigations that began after a DEA agent spotted them shopping at Midwest Hydroganics. The Channahon man ended up pleading guilty to a felony. The Shorewood woman is still fighting the misdemeanor charge.

The misdemeanor was brought against 46-year-old Angela Kirking after she and her pet terrier woke to find four flak-jacketed DEA agents and five Shorewood cops in the bedroom of her Ranchwood Drive home at 5 a.m. Oct. 11, she said. At least one of the agents held her at gunpoint before they searched her home and allegedly found nine grams of marijuana, Kirking said.

Kirking's attorney, Jeff Tomczak, has challenged the legitimacy of the search warrant used to gain entry to her home.

In his complaint for the warrant to search Kirking's home, a DEA agent claimed he "previously conducted numerous investigations that involved the surveillance of Midwest Hydroganics" and those probes led to drug arrests.

Tomczak maintains that is not sufficient grounds to get a search warrant.

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Infamous Steve April 09, 2014 at 10:24 AM
Time for a damn revolt against this tyrannical government!
Richard K Price April 09, 2014 at 07:23 PM
Nothing new here. All over the U.S. These over the top idiots are waging their own war on every citizen in this country. If the public were fully aware of their abuses of their positions, and total lack of control, the outcry would uncover the rock they hide under. The unscrupulous methods and the excessive prison sentences for the most minor of offences. Most of the Federal Prosecutors would do better writing crime fiction than Federal indictments. It is the prosecutors who walk away Scot free. In too many States they are runaway tyrants totally out of control.


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