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Woman Claiming Abuse by 'Serial Killer' Boyfriend Makes New Accusation

The former girlfriend of one of the alleged Hickory Street killers says she has suffered abuse at the hands of another man.

Court papers with claims of torture and intimidation filed against one of the four alleged Hickory Street killers by a former girlfriend read like a horror story.

Now the same woman who told of escaping with her life from a relationship with a "serial killer" says she has been viciously abused again, this time by another lover.

Ivon Walsh, 26, filed a petition for an order of protection against the man she identified as her current boyfriend, 22-year-old Brandon Haggerty of Plainfield.

"Brandon made me miscarry," Walsh wrote in her petition, which includes allegations that Haggerty threw away her coffee, choked her, banged her head off a wall, threatened to have her family's house in Joliet blown up, and held a knife to her throat.

Walsh said Haggerty attacked her after they took a trip to Walmart on Wednesday, but the miscarriage she blamed him for apparently happened after he allegedly beat her in July.

Walsh, who had said on her Facebook page that she works at Walmart and is a former employee of the defunct Romeoville strip club Crazy Rock, said in court papers that she suffered three other miscarriages while enduring abuse at the hands of alleged Hickory Street killer Joshua Miner, 24.

Walsh and Miner were romantically involved despite her allegations that he .

"He's into bondage," Walsh wrote in a petition for an order of protection against Miner. "He once taped my hand behind my back as he cut my abdominal area. He's also burned me with cigarettes and took hot metal and burned an upside down cross on my right buttocks as well as a (swastika) below that ... he had me tied to his bed and laugh(ed) at me as I squirmed."

A judge denied Walsh's April 2009 petition for a protective order against Miner.

After Miner was arrested in January and charged along with three others with the double murder on Hickory Street, Walsh

Walsh also wrote, "It could have been me years ago," apparently in reference to the two men slain in the Hickory Street homicide, Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins, both 22.

The murder case against Miner and co-defendants Adam Landerman, 19, Alisa Massaro, 19, and Bethany McKee, 18, remains pending. While Walsh apparently moved on from Miner to take up with Haggerty, Miner also seems to have found another lover, as he and Massaro both told the law they had sex on top of the bodies of the two men they are charged with killing, according to police reports obtained exclusively by Patch.

The four alleged killers also planned to dismember the slain men's bodies, the police reports said, and Miner wanted to keep their teeth as trophies.

A judge granted Walsh's petition for an order of protection against Haggerty, who is scheduled to go to trial later this month on charges he battered Walsh when she was pregnant in July.

Walsh was free on $80,000 bond when he allegedly attacked Walsh Wednesday. He spent four days in jail following his arrest in August before bonding out.

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Your Future Baby Daddy April 20, 2013 at 12:18 AM
GEEZ really, what kind of excuse is that to take another human's life. If that was the case then there would be a lot more crimes committed in this world by many people...
k m l April 20, 2013 at 01:10 AM
Jodi junior
lala April 20, 2013 at 01:11 PM
Too bad there are not laws for reproduction.
nick tucker April 20, 2013 at 03:12 PM
I cant believe she worked at crazy rock eww lol
Jax April 23, 2013 at 06:03 PM
I second that nick what a slob..She was probably abused by daddy. then got wrapped up with these losers..But yeah a stripper..EWW!


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