Woman Says Alleged Killer Branded Her Buttocks With Swastika

The same woman said one of the four young adults charged in last week's horrific double murder burned her with cigarettes. She was also implicated in allegedly letting him tape her having sex with a child.

Nearly three years before Joshua Miner and three others allegedly strangled two men to death in an unfathomable double murder, a young woman accused him of branding her buttocks with a swastika and an upside down cross.

The woman—Ivon Walsh, 26, of Joliet—was also identified by police as having sex with a child in a hotel room while Miner, 24, filmed it.


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Miner, along with Adam Landerman, 19, Bethany McKee, 18, and Alisa Massaro, 18, all will appear in court this afternoon for a bond hearing. They each face six counts of first-degree murder for allegedly killing Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins, both 22, in Massaro's 1121 N. Hickory St. home.

Three of the four accused killers have virtually no criminal past. Miner's, on the other hand, is quite extensive.

He was sent to prison for a 2010 burglary he committed on Irene Street in Joliet. Miner was sentenced to four years behind bars but got out in a matter of months after completing a Department of Corrections boot camp program.

Miner was also convicted of retail theft for stealing sneakers from a store in the Louis Joliet mall in 2007. He got four days in jail for the theft, and was also sentenced to a year of conditional discharge for a misdemeanor conviction for unauthorized videotaping.

The misdemeanor was originally filed as felony child pornography. Miner allegedly made a video recording of Walsh, then known as Ivon Gurrola, as she "placed her tongue in the vagina" of an underage girl in October 2005. Miner also videotaped a man identified only as "Jake" as he had sex with the girl, according to a criminal indictment.

Miner was 16 when he allegedly made the sex tape in a Joliet motel room. Court papers argued that child pornography is one of the crimes a juvenile cannot be charged with as an adult.

Walsh also sought a protective order against Miner in April 2009. She claimed Miner told her he was going to disembowel her and strangle her 6-month-old daughter with her intestines.

In her written statement, Walsh said, "If u yell at me again u cheating bitch I will cut your stomach open, pull out your (intestines) as you lye bleeding, make a turnakit, put it around the little bitch of a daughter that should have been mine('s) throat and hang her."

Walsh also said she had three miscarriages while being subjected to physical abuse at the hands of Miner.

"He's into bondage," she wrote in her petition. "He once taped my hand behind my back as he cut my abdominal area. He's also burned me with cigarettes and took hot metal and burned an upside down cross on my right buttocks as well as a (swastika) below that ... he had me tied to his bed and laugh(ed) at me as I squirmed."

A judge denied Walsh's petition for a protective order.

The father of one of Miner's co-defendants in the murder case also sought a protective order against him. Phillip Massaro, 44, the father of Alisa Massaro, filed a petition for an order of protection in May 2010.

Phillip Massaro accused Miner of Slamming his daughter's head against a wall, hitting her in the face and throwing her to the ground. Phillip Massaro's petition also was denied. Neither he nor Miner appeared for a later hearing.

Massaro claimed Miner attacked his daughter in the same Hickory Street house where police found the bodies of Glover and Rankins. Miner, Massaro and Landerman were playing video games with the corpses of Glover and Rankins nearby when officers arrived, police said.

Miner, Massaro, McKee and Landerman, who is the son of Joliet police Sgt. Julie Larson, allegedly lured Glover and Rankins to the Hickory Street house with the intention of robbing and murdering them. After the brutal killings, Joliet Police Chief Mike Trafton said, the four "continued the party atmosphere."


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Hartz January 22, 2013 at 05:04 PM
Mammamia, where are you hearing this from? It hasn't been released in anything that I have read yet.
Betty Smith January 23, 2013 at 03:39 AM
You can go after the judge if you want, I'm not protecting him, but know there are reasons protective orders are denied, Any one who has ever seriously went to court to obtain one will understand just saying someone did something is not cause enough, if he beat her she should have went to the hospital and press charges, if he beat her at home or anyhere c=she should have call the police. I did not hear any of these reports made, the friend father was a officer. you are say if he had issued the order, he would not have arranged the death of these two youth, If she seriously wanted to stay away from him, she could have. But she did'nt She was involved with these murders, she knew this was going to happen and did nothing to help Eric or Terrance she a murder as well. crying she was wronged does not change this. it's so tipical the when people get caught they become a victim. know this people your only a victim if you permitt this. it's not a two way street yes or no, will or won't did or don't, can or can't, stop and go. Bring back the death penalty for any one who willing kill - take anothers life. especially in open and shut cases like this one. they should not live on tax payer money. there are other people who need serious help, we should not be taking care of murderers for a life time.
Hartz January 27, 2013 at 03:44 AM
Blue, do you know his family? Do they really believe he wasn't capable of this or was his mother just in shock when she talked to the news? I'd be curious to know what their take on this is, or if they are of the same "tree".
Steve Sheppard February 10, 2013 at 01:18 AM
This is the guy who beat me unconscious - unprovoked, last summer. No warning. Totally cold cocked me, leaving me with seven stitches, a permanent scar on my forehead, and $3,000 in medical bills. I'm glad they finally caught this piece of human excrement. The police couldn't find him, the people who live at the house where it happened wouldn't give him up, and they accuse me of breaking their windows. The cops were ALL OVER THAT. I had to go to court over it, the residents of the house it happened at continue to slander me. Sorry, I guess being beaten to the point where you lose half the blood in your body will impair your judgement. I hope he burns. What a waste of oxygen.
Hartz February 20, 2013 at 11:03 PM
Im sorry to hear this. I wonder if the people who have been slandering you have also been questioned by authorities. It seems that anyone who associated with Miner may know more about this than people are aware of. I am also curious to know the type of people who would actually protect him. Posting their names would not be slander, if it is the truth!!


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