Judge Orders Email Turned Over to Former County Pol in In 'Intimate Pic' Case

A Grundy County judge ruled a Will County IT worker must turn over email to former county board member Kathleen Konicki

Kathleen Konicki. Credit: Will County Board
Kathleen Konicki. Credit: Will County Board
Former Will County Board member Kathleen Konicki will get the email she believes may show whether "intimate" pictures of her were circulated by a former lover.

Grundy County Judge Sheldon Sobol, who took the case after Konicki's attorney claimed it was a conflict for a Will County judge to hear the case, made the ruling Friday.

The attorney, John Ridge, asked for an out-of-town judge when Assistant State's Attorney Phil Mock objected to a request to have Will County Judge Gerald Kinney and top prosecutor James Glasgow sit for depositions in the case.

"If this was a criminal case, the special witness doctrine would apply," Mock said at a previous hearing.

"You can't just subpoena judges for a fishing expedition," Mock said. "The same thing goes for state's attorneys. The same thing goes for reporters."

Sobol has yet to rule on whether Glasgow or Kinney will have to testify.

Konicki, 64, petitioned the court in August for a protective order against former flame John Bassett of New Lenox, who she said passed along "intimate" photos of her to another old boyfriend.

Bassett, 62, acknowledged that he at one time possessed pictures of Konicki and said, "Some of them would have been romantic," and, "Some of them might have been" nude photos. He insists that he destroyed the pictures while Konicki looked on.

During a previous hearing, Ridge identified Konicki's other former lover as Joliet attorney Timothy Rathbun.

Konicki also subpoenaed Rathbun, along with any email he sent to Bassett between Sept. 1, 2012, and January. She also subpoenaed any photos he may have of her. A previous subpoena demanded any photos of Konicki "wearing intimate attire or engaged in intimate activity."

Sobol ordered a Will County IT worker to provide Konicki with email sent from county accounts identified in a subpoena. The worker is to turn over the email by Nov. 18

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