Shorewood Used Car Collection Going Up For Auction

Shorewood is selling off a bunch of cars seized by the police.

Are you in the market for a 1993 GMC Jimmy? How about a 1992 Toyota Camry? If you are, the sure does have a deal for you.

The village voted unanimously to auction off 13 vehicles seized by the .

At least some of the cars will be sold at auction on Old Chicago Drive in Bolingbrook by the company Manheim.

Trustee James "Mac" McDonald asked Police Chief Aaron Klima for an account of how much money is made off the sale of the cars. This apparently has not happened before, even though the village board has consistently approved auctioning off cars seized by the police.

Depending on how the police took the car away from its owner, the money raised by its sale either goes into a police seizure fund or into the village's general fund.

bob cumbers October 28, 2011 at 10:48 PM
call Prez Obummer and ask him if its too late for the "Cash for Clunker" deal- we'll use the $$ from these cars to apply to the Chief's new solid gold Tahoe


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