Mom Worries About Joliet West Band Director's Cheerleader Shoe Fetish

Phillip Maro, a substitute director for the band, has posted hundreds of comments and photos online about his proclivity for women's shoes, many of which have been documented by one parent.

Joliet West High School acting band director Phillip Maro's online photos and comments about his attraction to women's footwear, especially shoes worn by cheerleaders, has prompted one mother to question whether he should be working with students.

Maro, 24, has posted messages and pictures under at least a dozen psuedonyms, including sexycheerleaders12, shoeslover88 and cheerlover56.

In one profile at www.findoms.com, Maro identified himself by name and photo, saying he has a "huge foot/sneaker fetish" and listing his fetishes as "sneakers, Ugg boots and feet." Depending on the site, he alternately makes reference to his age, hometown and/or affiliation with Eastern and often lists the other psuedonyms he uses.

In many of his comments, he encourages women to post photos of their footwear—especially Ugg boots, Keds sneakers and "cheer" shoes—and comments on shoe-related photos and topics he likes.

Since Joliet Patch started trying to reach him Wednesday, many of the profiles, photos and comments have been removed.

However, some can still be found using his pen names and at least one profile for "sexycheerleaders12" on Yahoo's Flickr photo site remained posted as of Friday. In it, he wrote:

"I have many fetishes and I think that's why I can't stay away. I see a girl wearing cheer shoes, or I just see a sexy girl wearing any piece of clothing or shoes, that gets my blood boiling, and I'm drawn in. High heels, high heel boots, Keds, various athletic sneakers accompanied with leggins and great legs, and I'm hooked."

Joliet Township School District 204 Supt. Cheryl McCarthy and Joliet West Principal Teresa Gibson did not return several phone calls. School board President Jeff Pierson said he was aware of the situation but declined to comment other than to say it was "under review."

Maro also declined to discuss it.

"Honestly, this is a ridiculous story. I have no comment," he said, when contacted Saturday.

There is nothing illegal about the photos or comments posted by Maro, a Homer Glen resident who appears to have become active online while earning a music education degree at Eastern Illinois University. He graduated magna cum laude in 2012.

However, one parent said his attraction to cheerleading shoes, in particular, makes him a bad choice to work with high school students. The woman, who has asked to remain unnamed because her children are District 204 students, tracked down many of the sites and pseudonyms used by Maro.

"I have given you the information I have in hopes that it will help you get it to the proper people so that Mr. Maro can get the help he needs," she wrote in an email to Patch. 

However, Maro often makes references to his girlfriend/fiance and on one site defended his affinity for shoes as a quirky interest rather than something unseemly or unhealthy. After suggesting readers check out a shoe site in a "random" post on The Fierce Board site in December 2012 and being criticized by other posters for promoting his "fetish" on a site that can be accessed by children and teens, he wrote that it's all "double standards and stereotypes."

"Just like some girl who post a bunch of pics of Justin Beiber with his shirt off obsessing over it, or anybody for that matter, or a girl who posts million pics of One Direction, saying, "OMG I'm gonna marry Harry Styles!", I post about stuff that turns me on. It aint hurting anybody, it's funny to a lot of people (i.e. almost 450 followers), and I've met some cool people thru my Instagram/twitter journey. So, just bc somebody likes something that may seem weird or repulsive to you, don't judge a book by its cover bc society tells you that you should."



bob marley March 20, 2013 at 02:58 PM
Look up metalicaplaya04 that is Phil. If you want him teaching your kids, have fun. Just don't cry when he acts out on his desires.
bob marley March 20, 2013 at 03:00 PM
DoSiDo March 20, 2013 at 04:42 PM
if telling middle school and high school girls that they look sexy in their shoes is okay and noting that you would like to pleasure yourself onto a pair of shoes is someone that you want teaching your kids than fine but i sure as hell don't want someone like that around my kids. no adult should be trying to interact with kids online whether it be twitter, instagram or a message board. isn't that how "grooming" starts? i applaud the person who turned this information over to the authorities to look into. it is unfortunate that it got leaked to the patch but what would you have said if this person sat on this information and something terrible happened? then everyone would be slamming her for not doing something with it.
J. Ann March 20, 2013 at 10:53 PM
@ doSiDo---Yeah, I agree. Whether or not he would eventually act out his fetishes and fantasies, it's not worth risking. Best to be wise and proactive in this case. It's not about judging, but about nipping some unwise behavior in the bud. Glad my teens are grown. And it's true---if something, God forbid, would have happened, you bet they'd heap the condemnation on the silent parents who "should have" spoken up!!
Chip June 28, 2013 at 10:52 AM
After reading the original post/article, I find no leagal or constitutional grounds in regards to dismissing this teacher from their position at the school. He happens to have a liking for feet/shoes/sneakers ect... Moreover, unless he has physically touched or made any sexual advancements towards any of his students there is no legal grounds for dismissal of his position/duties at this particular facility or any other for that matter. However, religiously he has committed the crime of "LUST", with that being said, he is guilty in the eyes of the Lord, however, Jesus did say this, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I rest my case.


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