Minooka High School on IHSA Probation

MCHS announces probation following transfer of a student.

Editor's Note: The Following information was taken from a Minooka Community High School press release.

announced today that it has been placed on probation by the Illinois High School Association (under the provisions of IHSA by-law 3.040 and its subsections) for a one-year period following a ruling regarding the eligibility status of a student athlete.

The probation ruling by the IHSA involves an August 7 transfer of a student athlete from a local, private high school to MCHS. After originally communicating to the student’s family that the student was eligible to participate in MCHS athletics, an internal investigation revealed that the student’s transfer from a private school violated an IHSA eligibility by-law, due to it being the student’s second transfer between private and public schools.  Upon realizing the violation, MCHS self-reported the case to the IHSA, requested an official ruling, and immediately required the student to cease athletic participation. IHSA investigated the case and ruled that the student was ineligible to participate in IHSA-sanctioned athletics or activities at MCHS for the 2012-2013 school term.  

MCHS Principal Mrs. Darcie Kubinski and the student’s family collaboratively attended the IHSA Board of Directors Meeting in Bloomington on September 10, and appealed the IHSA’s decision in an effort to overturn it. The appeal was denied by IHSA. 

“Minooka Community High School understands the IHSA sustaining its ruling regarding this situation and we greatly appreciate their timely action," Kubinski said. "The IHSA has clearly established rules and regulations so that student-athletes, teams, and schools can enjoy positive and fair athletic experiences.   We initiated the appeal purely in an effort to avoid further participation disruption on the part of the affected student and family, who have no fault in the matter.”

The IHSA probation requires MCHS to submit, present, and follow a written plan detailing the corrective measures that will be taken to fully adhere to and ensure compliance with the IHSA transfer by-laws. The probation does not deprive MCHS of any of its IHSA member privileges and serves as an official warning that any further violations of IHSA by-laws or other rules of the association could bring more serious consequences upon the school. All IHSA-sanctioned athletics and activities at MCHS have no restrictions or limitations in any way during the probationary period.

“We have expressed our remorse and apologies to the affected student and family and will support them moving forward," Kubinski said. "We will learn from this unfortunate situation and will make every effort to comply with IHSA’s eligibility by-laws to avoid this type of incident in the future.”

“MCHS looks forward to moving past this unfortunate event and will work toward regaining our good standing with the IHSA.” Kubinski added.

All inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to Mrs. Kubinski at 815- 467-2140, Ext. 124.


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