Shorewood Lions Club Students of the Month

The Shorewood Lions Club announced its Students of the Month.

The Lions Club announced the March Students of the Month.

The students from Troy 30C W.B. Orenic Intermediate, Troy Middle School and were selected on the basis of consistent effort, productive citizenship, positive attitude, and participation in class or advisory team.

The students were honored and received their awards during the Troy 30 C School Board meeting on March 21.

The following students were selected:

  • W.B. Orenic Intermediate School sixth-grader Dylan Gorski, son of Sheldon and Joan Gorski
  • W.B. Orenic Intermediate School sixth-grader Kate Barker, daughter of Tim and Kathy Barker
  • W.B. Orenic Intermediate School sixth-grader Natalie Alvarado, daughter of Manuel and Victoria Alvarado
  • W.B. Orenic Intermediate School sixth-grader Max McCollum, son of Tim and Carol McCollum
  • Troy Middle School seventh-grader Cesar Franco, son of Federico and Corrina Franco
  • Troy Middle School seventh-grader Alexis Shepherd, daughter of Maurielle Chambers
  • Troy Middle School seventh-grader Nina Venziano, daughter of Tyler and Laura Venziano
  • Troy Middle School eighth-grader Tiffany Staats, daughter of Nicolas and Tracy Yanez
  • Troy Middle School eighth-grader Reymond Diaz, son of Maria Regis and Jose Diaz
  • Troy Middle School eighth-grader Daniel Ramos son of Jorge and Rosaura Ramos
  • ACA/AMA Marissa Mueller, daughter of Christopher and Diane Mueller.

In addition to certificates from both sponsors, the students received awards from the following merchants Sony’s Delite, Babe's Hot Dogs, McDonalds, , , Cemeno’s Pizza and .

In addition to the Student of The Month program, the Shorewood Lions Club helps any needy person in who has a sight or hearing problem get glasses, hearing aids and other related equiptment including seeing eye dogs. They will also help any sight or hearing impaired children sign up for Camp Lions in the summer.

For more information, contact Jim McDonald at 815-725-0473 or Dimac13@comcast.net.


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