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Poverty and War

Paying for war by making war on the poor.

Martin Luther King in his most courageous address stated that “war is the enemy of the poor." He continued to advance a critique of capitalism and he called for a reassessment of American values. His words ring true today as we witness the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his Republican cohorts advocate deep cuts of “tens of billions out of programs for the poorest Americans, particularly food stamps, along with health care for the middle class."

To preserve the bloated military budget the “House voted on Wednesday to cut 33 billion over the next decade out of food stamps." It would reduce benefits for 44 million people. With a callous, cavalier and arrogant attitude Sean Hannity of Fox News commented that rice and beans are cheap, available and adequate nourishment for the poor. His empathetic concern and dietary suggestions will surely alleviate the anxiety of the one in five children (16.2million) suffering from hunger. These cuts are incorporated in the 2013 budget written by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and endorsed by the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The Ryan plan and Mitt Romney’s endorsement of it are symptoms of a psychopathic world view that divides people into simplistic categories of good and evil, expendables as opposed to valued members of society. This view is derived from an elitist class orientation that dehumanizes those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

To counter this destructive world view that creates mass poverty and the resultant “silent destructive dissolution of...(the) soul,” we must put forth a counter vision of ML King’s “Beloved Community” that is governed by the humanistic ethic of cooperation, interconnectedness and love. Another world is possible.

Donald Torrence

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The Other Christine April 29, 2012 at 04:15 AM
I don't understand why anyone wanting the rich to pay their share is automatically labeled a Socialist. (Especially when I know someone who is in that bracket, and says he doesn't need a tax break!) Or why the same group that votes to end extended unemployment coverage can give the top 1% tax cuts. How will that fix the budget? Call me a Socialist if you want, but I believe a strong America is built from the bottom up. When I don't have a job, I am not spending money. It's kind of a no-brainer. And I won't disagree that there is a lot of waste in government, but it's from both sides of the aisle. If you always listen to Conservative radio, you know that Liberals are the Devil... and vice versa. So somewhere in the middle is where we should meet.
Jimmy J April 30, 2012 at 01:42 PM
You should be able to get a job in a year..not 99 weeks. Even if you have to flip burgers or mop floors, or doing some volunteer work at the VA or a nursing home. It's better than waiting for your unemployment check. If your friend in the 1% wants to pay more in taxes..that's his/her option..there is a line on the federal return which allows you to donate more to the "Beast". I'd rather see a flatter income tax with less deductions for everyone. More freedom for individuals to invest their own money in business, charity or whatever. What joy is their in trying to tax the achievers more? What joy is there in your envy of those who have worked so hard for success? I am so glad there are successful people who donate to my alma mater so new buildings and programs can be developed. Too many worship government instead of our freedom! With more government you get more Solyndras, GSA and billions dollars of waste. The State has little interest in being careful with "other people's money." They just want to subjugate us and grow more addicts to entitlement.
Jimmy J April 30, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Just one more thought...a big disappointment was Obama's ignoring of the recommendations of the Simpson Bowles Commission (which he appointed). The Commission recommended a lowering of income taxes for individuals and corporations and elimination of deductions (complications and loopholes). The reductions would make us more competitive in the world. Also, the issue of our growing debt would be addressed. The Simpson Bowles Commission was a bipartisan group which would set us up for a future which would not be like Greece. Senator Durbin seemed to favor this approach..but now the Democrats want to use any suggestion to cut spending as a way to gain political advantage. The idea of taxing the "rich" as a solution is ludicrous...would only provide for a miniscule amount of tax revenue...and would most likely hurt our economy more than it would help government.
Bob Gordon April 30, 2012 at 07:48 PM
According to labor statistics there are four people for every available job. This is a conservative estimate. To check one's facts one may go to the non-partisan group, www.factcheck.org.
Mom of 2 boys May 01, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Being part of the group that has an umemployed person in my home, you are completey off your rocker. My husband has been unemployed on and off in the past year, and let me tell you, he has searched for jobs daily. Those that are hiring, we could not live off of the pay. Flipping burgers won't pay the mortgage. You should give that a try. Try fitting a $9.00 hr PART TIME job into paying the mortgage and all of the other things that come from homeownership, and having a family. You need to face a little hardship of your own it seems to understand. Let's take away your livelyhood and see what happens. And volunteer??? How does that earn an income? And entiltement? I don't feel I am entitled to anything, we are just trying to make ends meet, and not keep up with the Jone's.


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