Can't Be Killed Shorewood Rewind

We're still alive in our tournament pool.

We got beaten up pretty good this weekend. To be honest, we didn't make out so great last weekend either.

But the thing is, we're still alive! That's right, we're still in contention in our NCAA pool.

Is it because we're lucky? Is it because everybody else is as bad at picking winners as us? Or maybe, just maybe, we can't be killed. Just like Jason Voorhees. No matter what happens to us, we just keep on coming. Right through the finals, when we get all the money.

Now let's look at all the things we missed in Shorewood while we were distracted by the tournament:


Jack and Thrill

loves .


Battlin' Jack McGuire

triumphed in the primary, which probably wasn't that big a deal since .


Lawyer laying low

The Shorewood town lawyer defending the village against the sledding was about the case.


House Hunt!

House Hunt!


Chris Vaughn case gone crazy?

All sorts of strange things were going on with the Christopher Vaughn murder case.



Josie was the official Shorewood Patch Cat of the Week.


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