Time's Up: Naughty Or Nice?

It's nearly Christmas. Tell us how you think the year went.

This is it. Christmas Eve is here and the day is slipping by fast.

If things didn't go the way you'd intended this year, it's probably too late to make up for it now.

By the same token, if you've been behaving yourself for the most part, it's going to take an awful lot to ruin a whole year in a single day, or what's left of it. Still, anything's possible.

At any rate, you've got less than 24 hours before the clock stops on the Christmas countdown. So tell us, were you naughty or nice? Let us know by voting in the poll below. And if you feel the need to explain yourself, you can give us excuses or brag about how great you were in the comments.

Not that it matters. Santa Claus has already made the list and checked it twice. Don't think you're going to put anything past him.


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