Bad Santa? Well, They Were Good Enough to Make the Rogues Gallery

These guys may not really be so bad, but would you want them coming down your chimney or showing up in your house with a sack?

It's the day after Christmas, and that always has those of us here at the Patch feeling a little down. But probably not as down as these guys.

You can't blame them, of course. How up can a guy get when he's got some jailer taking his picture just before he's packed off to a cell? We don't imagine a guy in those circumstances could get very up at all. No, not very up at all indeed.

At least none of these gentlemen got arrested on Christmas itself. Not the last time we checked, anyway.

But Christmas or not, after poring over our extensive collection of mugshots from the Will County Adult Detention Facility, these were the ones depicting inmates who looked the most like Santa Claus. Or maybe like Santa Claus after a long night of delivering presents around the world. And then a couple for the road, and possibly a fight.

At any rate, these are our Santa Claus look-alikes, or the best we could do. We hope they make this a Very Rogues Gallery Day After Christmas for you.

Freddie Kissell December 26, 2011 at 02:18 PM
This is fantastic


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