Man Who Posted Unwitting Gal Pal’s Sex Tape Threatens To Keep Quiet About Guy Who Beat Him Up At Bar: Prosecutors

A man charged with posting a sex video of his girlfriend on the Internet without her knowledge wants "special consideration" or else he won't testify in a case where he was allegedly beat up at a bar, according to a court filing.

Matthew Schwertfeger. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
Matthew Schwertfeger. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
If a New Lenox man charged with posting his unwitting girlfriend's sex video online doesn't get special "consideration" from prosecutors, he won't cooperate in the case against a man who allegedly beat him at a Joliet bar, according to a recent court filing.

Instead of giving 29-year-old Matthew Schwertfeger any special consideration, the Will County State's Attorney's Office handed his case off to a special prosecutor.

Schwertfeger was jailed in January after a Crete woman told the New Lenox police he posted a sex video to the Internet without her knowledge or consent.

"Matthew posted on the Internet video of Matthew and myself having sex," the then 22-year-old woman wrote in a petition for the protective order.

"I did not know he had such a tape," the woman wrote. "He also posted personal information about me."

Schwertfeger was charged with stalking, obscenity and intimidation in connection with the posting he allegedly made to a pornography site. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance for allegedly having hydrocodone.

The motion for the appointment of a special prosecutor filed earlier this month does not specify the special consideration Schwertfeger supposedly wants but said if he does not get it "he would not testify" against a man charged with punching him outside Paulie's Pub in October 2013. The alleged puncher, 27-year-old Nicholas Raman of Joliet, faces charges of aggravated battery in connection with the alleged attack at the West Jefferson Street bar.

While prosecutors said Schwertfeger would withhold his testimony against Raman in the criminal case, the court filing makes no mention of whether he plans to keep quiet during his civil case as well. Schwertfeger sued both Raman and Paulie's Pub, and the case remains pending.

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