Shorewood Used Car Clearance Sale

The Shorewood Village Board gave the OK to sell off 13 cars seized by the police.

If the Shorewood cops took your car away, here's your chance to buy it back.

During its meeting last week, the Shorewood Village Board cleared the way for the police department to auction off 13 cars they seized from motorists running afoul of the law.

Acting Police Chief Aaron Klima explained to the board that some of the vehicles the department wants to sell off were confiscated as far back as four years ago.

Klima went on to say that a number of the automobiles are not worth very much and that "some of the vehicles we get are not drivable."

The ones that aren't drivable are towed to the auction site.

On the high end of the vehicles approved for auction appears to be a 2002 Lexus. On the low end are a 1993 Cougar and a 1993 Jimmy.

Surprisingly the 2002 Ford Focus made a big hit with drug seizures, as the Shorewood cops snatched away a pair of them. And they are now available for sale to the public.


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