Former Manager of Former Slammers Shares His Feelings on Deadspin

If Wally Backman ever gets a broadcast job it's probably going to have to be on HBO.

Before there was the Slammers ( favorite professional baseball team!) there was the JackHammers. And the last manager in the JackHammers' glorious nine-year history was none other than New York Mets immortal (and fan favorite) Wally Backman.

Well, this morning Deadspin posted a clip from "Playing For Peanuts Uncensored, the more swear-y version of the 2008 documentary that captured life with the South Georgia Peanuts."

The video shows Backman, um, encouraging his team? Anyway, the way Deadspin puts it, "this latest clip of Wally working his motivational charms is decidedly NSFW."

So click on this link at your own risk.


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